What ideas do you need to focus on every morning to increase your stress tolerance? About this in the article below.


Psychologically, it's not stress that harms us, but the grades we give it. Different people have different attitudes to the same stressors, so they have different stress tolerance. The main tool in the fight against stress is disciplined thinking — the ability to manage your attitude to what is happening through an adequate system of assessments.

Example. Giving my son a survival lesson, I took him out into the woods in the winter and gave him a chance to taste live bark beetle larvae. I could barely contain my own gag reflex, feeling the worm's skin tear under the onslaught of my teeth (while I imagined it, the infection, moving in my mouth). And the child ate his own easily and naturally. Because he didn't bother trying to assess what was happening.

What we think of as mental pressure is actually the pressure of our own thoughts on us. To relieve this pressure, you need to be able to direct your thoughts in a different direction. Let's talk about four ideas, focusing on which significantly increases stress tolerance.


So, let's formulate four philosophical thoughts that can change our attitude to stress and relieve mental spasms.

• The idea that happiness is a quality of movement, not its result. When we give up the idea that happiness will come tomorrow, we start creating it today. We must learn to enjoy the present moment. But to do this, we need to understand that the current moment is all we have.

• The thought that past experience means nothing. The traumas of past experience cripple a person's soul. It is only by learning to ignore the past that we become free from it.

• The thought that the goal is achieved not by those who run headlong to it, but by those who do not turn away from the path once chosen. In an attempt to catch up with the future, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle, forgetting that time is always a moment of the present. This is where you should focus your efforts.

• The thought that any complexity is an opportunity. It is important for us to learn to turn the situation upside down and see any problem as a path to strenght.

How do I bring them into my life?

How do I learn to work with them?

How do I make them part of my worldview?

All about this in my next articles.

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My name is Rudiyr. I was born and live in Russia. I am engaged in giving advice to people on mental health, self-improvement and harmonious development. I am also the author of the course "Philosophy of Practical Natural Science". In it, I consider issues of health, positive energy balance of a person, energy sources for a person (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, creativity) and other aspects that allow a person to live happily.