Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. There are nearly 
3.2 billion active social media users worldwide. Nowadays, people rely on Social Media not only to stay connected but to stay informed and relevant. Users can find their dream home, Sunday’s brunch place and organize their holiday all with a tap. This makes connecting with brands online quite important these days. On Twitter, 
72% of the people who follow brands are likely to purchase items or services from them, while on Instagram even more users have admitted to buying something 
they saw on the platform. That said, there’s no surprise that social media is the 
top marketing tactic for start-ups. While advertising on social media has become increasingly important, the 
drop in organic reach makes understanding how to generate sales leads all the more valuable. 


  1. Share Links To Gated Content

There are very simple ways to get contact information of potential customers. The most popular one used on websites and blogs is sharing links to gated content. The most important thing to consider when doing this, however, is making sure you’re providing services, which are valuable to your customer. That makes them more likely to provide basic information in exchange for access to the content. Among B2B Marketers, most likely to drive leads are 
white papers, webinars and case studies. 


For example, Jerry Jenkins has a blog aimed at writers, where the users are provided with an opportunity to get an e-book emailed to them if they provide their name and email address. This gives the owner of the blog with the opportunity to follow up with more information later on.  

2) Sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests on Social Media

Another tactic, especially popular among brands and bloggers is 
giveaways in the form of competitions. To grab the prize, the user has to fulfill certain criteria, such as tagging a friend in the comments, following the page or sharing the post. The bigger the prize, the bigger the chance your customers will be willing to provide more information. Contests are a great way to gather user data with their consent too - by creating a giveaway where users need to sign-up with their email and basic information will give you a fuller view of your target market. Make sure you consult with legal before doing so and add the appropriate agreements/consents as part of the sweepstakes.

A great example of success stories from contests is While Wearth London. While their Instagram giveaway is more likely to drive more traffic to the brand’s account, ASOS’s campaign will likely get a higher number of leads. The users are required to fill a form, registering for a student discount, in order to also be entered into the competition. 



3) Social Media Listening as a way to gather sales leads

Social media monitoring is another (potentially free) and very valuable way of gaining leads. When doing this, it’s important to define your goals as this will help you choose how you’d like to carry out the monitoring activity. Whether you want to use a deeper insights
 tool or you’d rather go for a paid option and invest in 
software it’s important to consider the power of social media channels for lead generation. Searching for specific keywords and phrases will provide you with holistic monitoring across the world. 


4) Provide Free Webinars, Training and Online Lectures

With the correct approach, webinars are almost guaranteed to generate leads. The easiest way is to ask your viewers to register in advance by providing their contact information. Alternatively, you can also provide links during the webinar itself. Of course, advertising the webinar is going to be key. Before posting your webinar, be sure to look up 
response statistics and maybe post a few polls to your followers to see what they are most interested in. 


Part of the charm of webinars, social media monitoring, giveaways and sharing links to gated content is undoubtedly that they are free and simple. If you want to spend a few dollars a day, focus on the beneficial promotions you can do online such as ad campaigns on social media. Interesting stats to prove how far your dollar can go is that 80% of social marketers’ key strategy is to increase engagement as 
90% of social traffic to B2B blogs and sites comes from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The latter also generates about 
80% of social media B2B leads. 


Author's Bio: 

Tsvetta Kaleynska is a SaaS consultant, motivational speaker, and author on the topics of A.I. and technology and their impact on international development and safety. She is the founder of RILA GLOBAL CONSULTING, a boutique consultancy in New York City. As a thought leader, Tsvetta's work is regularly featured in top media outlets such as Ted X, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines. Kaleynska is fluent in five languages.