The state of the economy is in one of the worst conditions it has ever been in. Times are tough for families, college graduates, and even those who have decades of experience in their field of expertise. That’s why being independent of the pitfalls that come with working in the corporate sector is a great way to ensure a solid financial future. An online business can give you money to pay off debt, supplement your income, and can even provide you with financial independence. It’s easy to know where to get started if you know who to ask, so here are a few pointers.

If you don’t have a Web site already, consider:

1.Affiliate Marketing

•As a merchant endorser - This form of making money involves writing articles, blogs, and reviews of other people’s products. You can review an online product (service-based product) and provide details about how well it met your needs. Or, you can try products out and then write informative reviews about them online. Customers who click into the merchant’s link from your written content will earn you money every time they click. Some affiliate networks will pay you a commission for every sale that results from your efforts!

•As a blogger or article publisher working with Google Ads, Amazon, Ebay, or Kontera…just to name a few. Write about something you are passionate about and get paid to do it! Once you begin publishing written content on the Internet, and it is of good quality and informative, your reputation will increase as an expert in your field. Choose something you’re passionate about; such as gardening, dancing, fitness, or cooking. Your affiliate advertisers will pay you every time someone clicks into their ads found on the sides and the top of your articles.


•Create a blog about something you love to do and you can accept advertiser’s ads on your blog to help you make extra cash.

If you already have a Web site:

1.Learn How to Optimize Your Web Site

•Web sites are the perfect tools to tell the most people that you have something to offer. But what if the hundreds of millions of people who are surfing the Internet cannot find your site? That’s when you “optimize your site” for maximum traffic. The search engines, like Google, have certain things that they look for when performing the back-end algorithms when someone searches for anything on their site. If your site has everything in line and is optimized…you’re going to get the most traffic because you’ll be on the front page of the search results!

2.Find a Great Teacher to Feed You the Information

•Though there are many “gurus” out there claiming to know it all and charging an arm and a leg to show you how to do it, many of those people are scammers. Plain and simple, they want your money and don’t care about teaching you how to apply the concepts they include in their teaching materials. Find someone who has been Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media Marketing for years already. One expert that comes highly recommended for his “show it all and apply it” strategies is Mark Davis. The Profit Geyser system will show you how to do everything mentioned here (and much more)…not just give you a list of what you should do!

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Believe me, you'll regret it if you don't.

To your success,

Gerald Lacey
Lacey LLC and OmariWholesale, Inc.

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Gerald is a professional Internet marketer and social media marketing expert. His online business ventures and websites generate multiple streams of income annually. His consulting clients include best selling authors and international speakers.

Gerald is the CEO/President of Lacey LLC and OmariWholesale, Inc. He runs his entire business from his home where he is able to spend quality time with his family and friends. He is passionate about helping individuals to build and monetize their personal brand online.