Mistakes occur in one’s life and it may not necessarily be yours. Going into a job interview is one very vital test of personality, skills, competitiveness, loyalty and devoted work. No one is devoid of them; they just don’t utilize or cannot express them.
The act of blowing a job interview is tough to put up with. Just ensure it doesn’t happen once again. Yet again it may have not been your mistake in the first place. If it really is, then I have included several free solutions beneath to the several more common job interview blunders. Staying clear of those, paves up 60 percent of the road to successfully occupying the job vacancy.
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Being unprepared
Interviewers mostly drop the bomb on this by; "What do you know about this company?" Not being able to provide an answer on this one might not score you the sought for opportunity. One must always be on terms with all the salient background details about any company you are hoping to work in. Data such as departments, aims, description, past activities and achievements are extremely crucial. Keep the major points in verse prior to an interview.
Being inadequately suited
When being questioned, do not get too casual and not too formal either in your attire. Mostly dress depends on the type of job being interested in. A favorite of mine is a respectable top coat over a button-up collar or closed collar, without a tie. And for girls an average length top with a customary dark colored coat and trousers or pants is appropriate. Be neutral, positive and casual, don’t attempt to induce a different impression apart from your own; just try to become a normal and casual person.
Socially illiterate
A very crucial point any employer would be taking is how socially interactive and civilized you are. Shake his/her hand warmly and firmly and with equal or slightly lesser strength as necessitated. Always make eye contact and answer smartly.
Not Paying Attention
Keep all other outside matters out of concentration in an interview. Concentrate to what your employer is saying and do not do indulge in anything less than urgent. This might seem a bit restricted but you will find where to place the boundary as it varies in every environment.
Talk excessively
Never say more than what is required of you. Keep your answers minimized and to the point. Not doing so can not only disinterest and annoy the employer but can also trap you by your own words or give you foot-in-mouth disease!
Do not say enough
As vital as the one before; do not keep it mute in the interview by responding in monosyllables. Being interactive is quite opposite from being a chatterbox. Make yourself intellectual and energetic and just don’t overemphasize it either.

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