Quite simply, you can say that free spins are the ability to spin the wheels of a machine, a certain number of times, without paying. Even if you don't pay to spin the reels, you can still win real money. In some cases, there is a deposit requirement, to get the spins and at some online casinos, winnings are won with free spins, subject to a wagering requirement. And some machines may have rules that you can't win the big jackpot for free spins. All rules for winnings, however, are detailed on the best casinos website https://udenlandske-casinoer.dk/. Apply here to get free spins no deposit bonus guide for new players.

Many new Danish casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus. This way you can be allowed to try out a particular game, without wasting your own money. However, it should not be confused with bonus rounds in the games themselves, where you can win free spins, because it is quite another.

You can get them in different ways and some require deposits and others do not.

If a deposit is required, you must deposit money into your gaming account before you can get your free spins. Then some do not require a deposit but simply create an account. Once you have created an account, these will be available to you.

At some online casinos, as a loyal player, you are also rewarded with free spins, from time to time. Here you will receive an email or similar, with a message about your reward.

As mentioned earlier, some of the free spins may be subject to certain requirements, e.g. play-through or deposit.

When there is a deposit claim, it's because if the casinos just gave the right and left and paid winnings all the time, they would bankrupt. Therefore, in some cases, they ask for a deposit so that they can be sure that you, as a player, also spend some money in their shop. However, it is the few online casinos that require you to deposit large amounts, most often it is a small amount.

If, on the other hand, this is a pass-through requirement, it means that if you win on one of your free spins, the winnings must be played x number of times before you can have them paid out. The wagering requirement is very different from casino to casino and it can range from 0-50 times. So it is clear that the lower the average requirements, the better.

Often when there is a claim for a deposit, there is also a requirement that the winnings must be played x number of times. It is extremely rare to find a casino that does not have a play-through requirement. After all, if there is no pass-through requirement, the casinos are almost just giving away money.

A new word has emerged for free spins, which is the concept of free spins that more and more of the Danish casino sites today use instead. It's all about getting a certain number of free bets on one-armed thieves, where, of course, you have chances to win winnings.

So from there comes the very concept of 'free spins'. So if you think it makes sense to have the opportunity to play money games online and slot machines online without having to pay for them, then it is certainly a very positive acquaintance.

As mentioned earlier here in the article, there may be some passing requirements at times that require you to play your winnings several times before you can have them paid out as cash when playing slot machines online. However, in some cases there may be a ceiling on how high winnings you can win with free spins, and that in turn can mean that there is no passing requirement.

For example, it may be that you can find a bonus where you can win a maximum of up to 10,000 kroner on the slot machines where you play with free rounds, even though you might get a combination that would normally yield a higher profit under normal circumstances.

But in return, as you said, you do not need a pass-through requirement, which means that you can in principle withdraw your winnings immediately. And it also has its advantages.

On the other hand, it is a pity if you hit a million jackpot and then get eaten by 10,000 kroner, but that is the terms when playing with free spins, and it is fair enough when you do not pay anything.

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This promotion is usually offered to new players, in order to try out one or a few eligible slots on the platform and they cannot be exchanged for real money. You can, however, win real money using them.