In the last couple of weeks I have put up seven short videos and one long video on YouTube on how Amazon works and how to make money on Amazon.

They are all FREE to watch and contain a ton of valuable information that very few people know about.

Here they are at :

1. How to upload your book to Amazon, including pricing:

2. How to change your Amazon book categories:

3. How to use “Popular Highlights” to research your competitors’ books:

4. How to change the price of your book on Amazon:

5. How to change your book cover on Amazon:

6. How to upload a new version of your book (i.e. an updated version):

7. How you can put links to your other books in book images you have uploaded:

8. My one hour and forty eight minute Webinar “How to Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author – and Make Money”:

[Note because it is public, this webinar does NOT include the Ninja strategies in my book. Make sure you follow the strategies in my book.]

Watch them for free here: at

I really hope you enjoy these free videos, and I really hope you start making passive income while the Amazon Gold Rush is still just starting!

Oli Hille

PS For more info, click here:

Author's Bio: 

Oli Hille is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling Personal Development book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” which was reviewed as the “Must have book of the century” (by Midwest Book Review, USA).