Without human growth hormone (HGH), basketball players would not come close to dunking the ball. Aging would continue at a rapid rate. Children would remain small for the duration of their lives, and, as the amount of HGH in the body lessened with age, wrinkles and crow’s feet would be inevitable for all. HGH is a necessity for growth and also features anti-aging properties. Not everyone has it in abundance. Thankfully, synthetic HGH exists to assist those who would otherwise experience stunted growth – and it is also turning back the clock for those who wish to look and feel younger. Frequently asked questions regarding HGH therapies include:

-Is synthetic HGH helpful? Yes. Due to exhaustive research and development, synthetic HGH products can be as helpful as the natural HGH produced in the human body at fostering increased height and allowing for anti-aging effects to occur.

-What sort of anti-aging effects can result due to HGH therapy? Imagine feeling that inner fire of radiance that comes with youth again. Much more than just a way to stall the outward appearance of aging, HGH also has been purported to help lessen body fat, increase energy, heighten sexual drive and increase the body’s immune system. Some studies have even suggested that HGH therapy leads to lowered cholesterol and triglycerides, and it most definitely allows for increased muscle formation.

-HGH sounds like a ‘magic bullet’ for health. Are there any concerns I should have? Yes. Though HGH does sound like the panacea for all things aging-related, when wrongly administered, it can do more harm than good. This is why it is always beneficial to take the correct dose of a reputable supplement. Side effects of HGH include (but are not necessarily limited to) hypoglycemia, enlarged heart muscle, fatigue, high blood pressure and stiff joints. To avoid these effects, consult with a professional before beginning your HGH regimen.

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