Since their inception, NFTs have become a high-value asset for content creators in the digital space. Traded through blockchain technology, these digital assets saw a significant shift in demand from artists, educators, and influencers because of their authenticity and ownership advantage. MetaMonkeys is one such NFT that gives decentralized digital assets a new dimension. Co-founded by Jacob Canales and Anthony Del Rio, the MetaMonkeys NFT project stands out in the market as an educational platform that constantly adds value for all its holders.

MetaMonkeys NFT was started as an innovative project to help people achieve financial freedom through independent business ventures without relying on a 9 to 5 job. All the MetaMonkeys NFT holders are allowed complete access to all in-person events and live “Ask me anything sessions” that educate people on modern business ventures. With this concept, MetaMonkeys became the first NFT project to provide online access to educational platforms. At MetaMonkeys, people can learn about various ways to generate extra income from Amazon, Shopify, Facebook ads, crypto, and real estate. Besides financial freedom, the co-founders have also focused on the overall development of the holders. The platform educates the holders on a positive mindset and business techniques to deliver everything a person needs to grow in life.

Anthony, a co-founder of MetaMonkeys, conducts the AMA live sessions to teach people about generating income through selling on Amazon. He shares proven strategies to help people quit their office jobs and run a successful business. Jacob, the other MetaMonkeys co-founder, shares his hard-earned knowledge about earning through Facebook ads on this platform. So far, Jacob has invested around 7-figures on Facebook ads, and now he is making a 6 percent return from all his clients. He wants people to know that running Facebook ads for other people’s businesses can be a successful entrepreneurial venture. People can also apply the same techniques to further scale up their own business and benefit from it.

Jacob was a successful entrepreneur at 16, running a profitable dropshipping store through Shopify. With this venture, he managed to bring in a 5-figure revenue every month, which is quite an achievement for a teenager. However, his biggest challenge was the legal payment system that often banned him from receiving payments because he was below 18 years old. Although it was a massive setback in his career, Jacob overcame these challenges with time. Every time he faced a nightmare situation, Jacob would step back, re-evaluate the situation, and develop a strategy to find a way through it. Today, he feels that everything that he has been through as a 16-year-old successful entrepreneur makes sense because every hurdle on his way helped him learn and grow.

Currently, Jacob is sharing his experiences and proven techniques to scale up an online business through MetaMonkeys. With this innovative NFT platform, both Jacob and Anthony want to inspire a generation of young hustlers to ditch the traditional path of a 9 to 5 job and achieve financial freedom through independent business ventures. MetaMonkeys is helping people grow mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.


As a project, MetaMonkeys is looking forward to building a solid community of motivated people who will not only uplift their careers but also spread the knowledge they’ve gained to help people around them. Jacob and Anthony plan to take this venture to the next level by introducing more events and inspiring young minds through their wisdom.



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