On the Spring and Summer, fleas and ticks infestation are likely harm our pets. This buggers are tough to control once they start to infesting our pets. But we never let this little buggers in to begin with, the key course is prevention. If you use a good flea and ticks preventative, in regular basis like frontline spray. Then you don't have to worry about those little buggers.

There are a lot of options that you could use on how to get rid of the ticks and fleas . The most common and effective now a days is frontline spray. Just remember you have to treat all pets, indoor and outdoor, in order to get rid of fleas from area, otherwise if you'll continue to be re-infested with the little buggers.

This options includes, frontline plus, frontline spray and preventative collars.

A frontline plus, this medication is quick acting and long lasting , this will kill fleas withing 18 hours and it will kill ticks at about 48 hours and this will last for one month. This products contains fipronil and S-methoprene, which is responsible for killing fleas eggs and larvae.

Frontline Plus kills adult fleas, flea larvae, and fleas eggs as well as lone star tick, deer tick, brown dog tick and American dog tick. A frontline plus can be used on both dogs and cat as young as 8 weeks, as well as on pregnant and nursing mothers. The good thing about frontline plus is that it is waterproof.

Another products that are helpful in preventing and treating fleas and ticks infestation is the Frontline Spray. Frontline Spray eliminates ticks and fleas quickly. It will kills all the fleas on the pet within 24 hours after application. Frontline spray continues to work for one month.

Like Frontline Plus, frontline spray can be used on dogs and cats as young as 8 weeks and it is waterproof. This also an alternative products if you can not afford a top spot flea treatment to every pet or households with barn cats.

Frontline Spray contains a chemical called fipronil, this is stored in oil glands which are present in the skin of the dogs and cat. This is continually supplied from oil glands to the skin and hair coat of a treated dog or cat.

The next thing that prevent buggers to infesting the pets are the Collars. Like frontline plus and frontline spray it is also waterproof. This kills and detaches ticks and prevents new ticks from attaching within 48 hours after application and it continues to work for up to 3 months. But the only consideration about this products is not labeled for cats. This product most often recommended by vet for “country dogs” that are more likely to come into contact with ticks. And remember that collar do not kill fleas so another treatment will need to be used, as I said before frontline plus and frontline spray will probably kill all those buggers.

Breaking the flea life cycle is extremely important in controlling flea infestations because the adult fleas which you may be seeing on your dog or cat are only a small percentage of the number of fleas which are actually feeding or will be feeding on your dog or cat.

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