A change from within can help one transform their life to become unstoppable in their field; that is exactly what resembles Galinda Fleming. She is an unstoppable force known as the Mortgage Woman for her dedication and assisting approach towards her clients.

Galinda is the Senior Loan Specialist at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union, where she oversees the Loan origination, processing, underwriting, and closing departments.

We at Insights Success a business magazine online came across Galinda in our endeavor to find ‘The 10 Most Empowering Women in Mortgage Industry, 2021.’ We got into a conversation to know and understand how Galinda changed her life to become one of the well-known empowered leaders in the mortgage industry?

Bequeathing Budding Entrepreneurs

In her advice for up-and-coming women entrepreneurs, Galinda says, “life may give you lemons, so you make lemonade and proudly serve with a SMILE!” “When dealing with any human being, NEVER lose the personal touch – put the cellphone on vibrate, better yet, turn it off! “Be Present” in the Conversation! You will always win because it is a win-win for everyone involved! And Remember – Always Be Kind Because you can Always Be Kind!” concludes Galinda.

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