Amethyst, is a kind of purple crystals, The ancients describe it that “The color of grapes, lovely”, Such as grape-like purple is due to traces of iron oxide crystal containing.
The color of amethyst with lavender, purple, dark red, red, purple and other colors, Red to purple red is the best, if the color is too light, then it is usual. North Korea produced a purple belt in the blue variety is rare species.

About amethyst has a beautiful Greek myth ... ...

According to legend, Dionysus Pascal once drink prank, Manchester will be a beautiful girl called Mackie pushed to the front of a beast, Just saw all of this by the goddess Diana, to make the girl from harm, she spell the girl into a be a white stone sculpture, Pascal a rude awakening, regret not cope, Because he found that he had been fascinated by deep white statue. Sad when in the hands of wine accidentally spilled into the sculpture, Slowly the stone into a beautiful amethyst actually. To compensate for their errors and to commemorate the girl, God name of purple crystal as “Amethyst”, It is the girl’s name too.
Amethyst already represents the noble, elegant, gorgeous, quiet, noble, dignified and powerful, And this beautiful legend is infected with a layer of romance to the amethyst. Customs in the West, Amethyst is the February birthstone, A symbol of honesty, good heart, forming popularity, good luck peace and calm. At the same time, As the "Valentine" is in February, The amethyst, naturally became the lovers give each other gifts, Became a token of expressing affection, become a permanent symbol of love.
1st century AD scholar Epicurus in his monumental work "Natural History" in “Purple gem is the eyes of Venus”. In many Western countries, the Amethyst stone is not only as a hangover in the men's jewelry and decorative clothing, Also performing artists as lucky stones, Favored by the special. The ancient Romans also used to clean the sin in February and pay homage to the souls of the ceremony, Amethyst is a symbol of taboo debauchery, to prevent self-satisfaction, to be honest and rational, Therefore be embedded in the bishops and priests of the ring.
16th century Spanish court painter Vilas, is a passion hereby Greek mythology, the amethyst a soft spot for the big artists. Amethyst given his own spiritual and alerts, Into the temptation of Philip IV's palaces, Just well done his job with his extraordinary talent alone, won the trust and favor from the king. In his old age, Personally designed a "rich" as the theme of the crown jewel for the king, Gold base dotted with emerald leaves, Main stone is carved with a large amethyst grape ... ...this Laurel is housed in the Vienna Art History Museum.
Amethyst is the gemstone to commemorate the 17th anniversary of wedding, The reason is because marital relations during this period the heavy burden, More prone to cracks. Amethyst jewelry gift purpose is to remind each other: Should be especially vigilant, "the devil's temptations."
In Asia, Unparalleled of the royal purple is the symbol of Japan noble’s dignity; In Europe, Amethyst is the stone to commemorate the 20th birthday; In addition, Uruguay's national stone is amethyst.

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