To be updated with general knowledge is very important, in today's time. We have to keep pace with this fast moving world and understand the basic nature of events or occurrences that take place around us. It helps you keep track of the current affairs around you and also helps you in the academic front. Many general knowledge questions and answers are part of entrance exams and interview sessions. They have become a part of the syllabus and can also help you score above the rest. It gives you a better sense of understanding the world and gives you a larger and more holistic view of life.
What do we think of the term general knowledge ? we all have our own definitions and similarly, its importance is based on our definition and understanding of the term. Many of us consider it just mere factual knowledge. However, general knowledge plays a larger role in our lives. It gives us a picture of how things were in the past, how they are in the present and how our efforts can change the future. It makes us aware, thereby educating us with the functioning of things that surround us. Knowledge of current affairs has become a pre-requisite for recruitment into the top-notch companies of India.
They now cover major portions in the exams and interviews. Especially in the interviews, questions are asked related to the current happenings with reference to the particular field you are applying for. Current affairs cannot be gathered overnight. You need to stay in constant touch with various mediums that increase your general knowledge. There are many ways to increase your general knowledge. The easiest way is to practice from quizzes which are available in the internet or quiz books. These provide questions and answers on various areas of general knowledge. You can also stay connected with the current affairs through newspapers, magazines, radio or television.

Thus, newspaper reading should be a part of our daily schedule. It will not only acquaint you with the current affairs but would also broaden your perception to understand things. General knowledge will also come handy during many entrance exams and interviews. In order to score better than the rest, you need to study the general knowledge questions and answers thoroughly, months before the commencement of the exam. There are some entrance exams that you cannot clear without having a sound knowledge of the current affairs.

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