The kitchen is perhaps one of the most frequented parts of a home. This area in the house is the center of daily life for people who love to eat and cook while they’re in the comfort of their abode. If you're one of these people, it’s a must that you make your kitchen a functional and stylish place. Perhaps it’s time for a kitchen renovation!

The question is where do you start if you want to renovate your kitchen? For a little help, here’s a guide that can help you in the planning and execution of your kitchen renovation project. So read on below.
What Your Kitchen Needs? A Reface or a Remodel?
It’s crucial that you start asking yourself this question if you want to renovate your house. "Does my kitchen need a refacing or a remodeling?"

If your kitchen still got its function but not just in the style that you want it, maybe a refacing will do. Perhaps if you repaint the cabinets and the kitchen island, or upgrade the kitchen, you can now change the look of your kitchen. In this case, you don’t need a complete renovation.

However, if you want to change the layout of your kitchen area, you need to remodel it. Architectural or structural issues in your kitchen area need architectural and structural changes. You need to hire a general contractor to help you in your kitchen remodeling.

Do Your Prep Work
Similar to other types of home renovation, it will do you good to create a plan. Don’t get yourself too hooked with the materials yet, but instead, consider the functionality that will fit your lifestyle.

Think about how you typically use your kitchen. Once you figure out how you want to use your kitchen, you can now consider what kind of style you would create for it.

Consider the Working Triangle Rule

It’s essential to consider the working triangle rule in thinking about the layout of your kitchen. The working triangle rule allows you to maximize the use of your kitchen space in relation to your kitchen tasks and the placement of the kitchen appliances.

For instance, you should place the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink in an equilateral triangle so that you can move and work efficiently around your kitchen. It is an old concept that started in the 1940s, but its usefulness is still popular today.

Next is the Floor Tiles
After you planned the kitchen layout, it’s now time to plan the flooring. It’s a must that the flooring of the kitchen provides you with comfort on your feet and is easy to clean and maintain.

Although cement and stone tile is durable, the thing is that they’re not comfortable to your feet, especially after you stand on them for a long time. Instead, opt for soft rubber flooring, vinyl or linoleum sheet flooring. You can reach out to renovation experts in firms like kitchen renovations Melbourne for advice on what type of tiles are ideal for your kitchen.

Light It Up
For you to create a certain atmosphere and to provide safety in your kitchen, you shouldn’t forget to include the lighting in your overall renovation plan. It’s advisable that there’s accent, ambient, and task lighting in your kitchen for you to do your kitchen tasks properly.

The Storage
It often confuses people on what type of cabinet should suit their kitchen area. Is it the traditionally closed cabinets or open shelving?

It’s excellent to opt for open shelving when you have the organization skills to display your kitchenwares neatly and attractively. However, if you’re a person who doesn’t have much time to organize the things in your kitchen, it’s advisable to choose closed cabinets.

You can also paint your kitchen cabinets to add style to your kitchen area, or you can choose cabinets with natural tone if you want your kitchen to be traditional.

The Kitchen Countertop
On your kitchen countertop is where most of the food preparation happens. So you should consider what countertop material is durable and resilient out there. It’s advisable that you choose granite, slate, granite, or quartz composite for that purpose.

If you want to renovate your kitchen area, you should know the things that you need to do. You should have a guide so that you can plan your kitchen renovation successfully. What I discussed in this article can help you for that purpose.

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