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Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you can already get away from stress. You can still feel all the signs and sometimes at a much higher intensity or degree.

Yes, you still deserve to take a break without spending too much time de-stressing. Here are ways on how you can relax from your home-based work:

1. Consider setting up a schedule. Though one of the benefits of working home based is flexibility in time, you may want to have your own standard schedule. This way, it’s easier for you to distinguish your personal and working time. The moment you’re done with your working hours, you can already fully relax and not think of anything work related.

2. Take a walk. If you feel like you’re already low on energy and you need to increase your creative juices, go out and enjoy the sceneries. Take a walk around the neighborhood, perhaps with a friend or with your dog. You will just discover how much inspiration you can derive from what you see. You will also feel so rejuvenated.

3. Enjoy a bubble bath. Many people say that the bathroom is a sanctuary, especially if you’re a working person. This is one of the times you get to spend for yourself, so you better enjoy it. You can make use of aroma therapy oils that soothe your senses. Light some candles and play soft music in the background.

4. Meet up with friends. Invite friends to come over or meet them up in your favorite restaurant. This is one of the best things you can do particularly when you’re bothered with a lot of issues and you need to talk things over with someone.

5. Tell others you’re working. The many distractions can cause you some stress, so you better inform your friends and family members to no bother you, if possible, whenever you’re working. You can turn the answering machine on, so you can pick up the calls even when you’re doing something. Avoid answering mobile phone calls that are not necessary. Keep your children away from your home office.

6. Meditate. The good thing about meditating is it doesn’t have to take forever to accomplish. You can meditate even for a few minutes only. During meditation, you can speak of subliminal messages or affirmations to further motivate you. Some of these subliminal messages are the following:

I can definitely end this day with a bang.
I refuse to be dominated by stress.
I won’t allow my stress level to go high.
I value this gift of life and my job.

You can also post these subliminal messages in conspicuous places such as your desk, so you will always be reminded to remain optimistic.

7. Get your weekends free. Keep your Saturdays and Sundays for doing something else, hopefully with your loved ones. You can go out of town, go to informal school, enjoy some parties, or set up barbecue get-togethers. Make sure you don’t touch any of your workload during your off days.

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