Among numerous true choices of Lebanese cuisines in Ottawa, we are the best class option in the event that you need to taste the genuine customary flavors of Lebanese foods. Our whole delicious Lebanese food can be delighted in at our easygoing dinner setting. We can delivery the delicious shawarma at your doorsteps by placing an order online for a quick shawarma Ottawa delivery.

We search out the fresh and natural ingredients and all meats are halal, non-sedated and hormone free. Authentic food and ingredients have been passed down through several generations and genuinely nurtured. With us, you can relish authentic Lebanese cuisine with its traditional spices and flavors.

Our experienced chef’s take their job seriously and they make sure you are satisfied with every order. You will notice that our menu is larger than most, giving our customers a good variety of different options. Our honest direct means you are getting exactly what you deserve, which is an outstanding Lebanese dish, so indulge.

Our motto is to provide quality, service, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. To meet such goals we make sure that customers have the freshest and healthy Lebanese cuisine and our shawarmas are prepared daily by our talented chefs with exotic spices.

Not only can Shawarma be the case at most Middle Eastern restaurants, but they can also be snacked on at various food wagons along the way. The best bank street Shawarma restaurants serve freshly toasted pita bread wrapped around juicy and moist and yummy beef, lamb, or chicken that has been slow roasted all day, alongside diced astringent tomatoes and crisp cucumber, and decorated with tahini, hummus, or garlic sauce. Each bite gives you the savory burst of flavor that will keep you wanting more until you will have gobbled up the entire thing before you know it.

The restaurants offer both take along and sit-down option, and offer a variety of meats, salads, and middle-Eastern deserts. Shawarma bank Street boasts the best price and biggest plates in the national capital. Our food is culled from top of the range of seasonal ingredients that includes a high percentage of local and organic products. All our seasonings, sauces, condiments are made flavors and prepped especially in-house using fresh ingredients with our guarded food, adding a wonderful elevation to our dishes.

The restaurants offer both fast-food and sit-down option, with a variety of meats, salads and Middle- Eastern deserts. We have engineered our name over the years on outstanding various menus. We pride ourselves on deception the best possible native ingredients we will able to supply and lots of things on our menu are ready from scratch. Our team is ever-evolving, strain to produce you with unforgettable eating expertise. Drop in or reserve a table, it’s our pleasure to serve you.

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