This article provides tips on effectively expressing your views. Doing so will vitally improve your ability to enjoy satisfying relationships with others. These simple strategies will help you to express your ideas confidently and purposefully. You will also gain the respect of others concerning your opinion and add to yourself esteem.

The following are suggestions to help you to express your views confidently and clearly:

1. Stay calm. Present your views in a composed manner, without losing your temper, especially if the discussion is emotionally charged. Remember, being composed always makes a better impression and win respect.
2. Be subjective. When expressing your opinions, preface your statements with “I think” or “I feel” but speak in a confident tone.
3. Don’t be apologetic. Never precede a statement of opinion with “I’m probably wrong, but…” or “I don’t know much about this, but…” After all, you are entitled to your opinion. There, there is no need for you to apologize for it.
4. Listen. Hear out what others have to say and agree with as much as you feel you can. Remember, it is more difficult for someone to oppose your opinion if you are agreeing with them in part.
5. Seek support. Try to get someone to express agreement with you, even if it’s only on the facts. This way, others may not agree with your conclusion, but have to give you credit for knowing the facts.
6. Use axioms or sayings that most people accept as true. Commonly heard comments like “There are two sides to every story.” and “Every person is entitled to an opinion” help eliminate the possibility of hostility creeping into a discussion.
7. Be diplomatic. Instead of adding antagonism to the discussion with a statement such as: “I disagree with you” or “You’re dead wrong,” say “You make a good point, but…” or “That may very well be true, but …” By doing so, you avoid the possibility of hostile feelings.
8. Avoid repetition. Don’t keep covering the same ground over and over. If a discussion arrives at a stalemate, approach the subject from a different angle or terminate the discussion. Use pivotal phrases such as: Look at it this way… or “Consider this…” Such statements win respect because it demonstrates that you are being logical.
9. Use humor. A bit of lightheartedness can help diffuse the tension in an argument. A comment like “your argument reminds me of a longhorn steer – a point here, a point there and a lot of bull in between” can help keep the discussion light.
10. Be informed. State only what you know as fact. Knowing the facts will help you win others over to your point of view. Never hesitate to cite authorities and sources during the discussion. Doing so will help support your opinions.
11. Relax. Make sure your posture and facial expressions convey that you are at ease. If you act stiff and angry, you frighten others and when people are frightened of you, they do not respect you.
12. Don’t feel you must express an opinion. If you know nothing about the subject being discussed, have doubts about it, or don’t care, keep silent.

Author's Bio: 

Bette Lawrence-Water is a certified professional life coach and experienced leader with experience in public, private, and nonprofit sectors. She is also a community health advocate and innovative leader who embraces the concept that: "To lead is to serve."

Bette has enjoyed a vibrant career and successful career that spans more than 20 years. Her professional reputation is built on a solid foundation of service, and her innate ability to motivate and inspire others. She is dynamic and innovative and excels in creating spaces for linking people to resources for positive change. She empowers others to find potential within themselves. She is in demand as a public speaker and has received numerous local, national, and international recognition for her efforts.