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It is now getting necessary and most important to have a response from customers. For the companies that are offering service will help them in making their service better. On the other side, it is also proving as guidelines to improve in a specific product. The reason behind this increased importance to this sector is that companies are making their business on account of people. Failing to impress the end-user will be of no use, it will bring no use to their profile, and in reality, it will put a bad impact on them. To consider this point, companies are now putting much extra effort and resources into this issue. They are constantly striving to make good relations with the customer. Building a relation takes more time, than demolishing it. And in making these relationships, one has to put more effort, it is the companies that are doing this task. is a website that is doing this task of getting feedbacks and other inputs from the customer side and transferring it to the higher management of the company. In this activity the role of technology has got much important, it is providing a good medium to approach people and get interacted with them. A few years ago, the internet was not so common so taking these survey was not an easy task, companies have to hire more labor force to physically visit them. It is now possible to make this task done, in just a couple of minutes. It has proved blessings both for customers and company to exchange their thoughts, ideas, and grievances easily and effectively. Tellthebell is a platform on the internet, it can be visited by typing a specific address on the search bar to take part in the survey. It is these surveys that will help the company to make their service better.

Tell the bell

is carrying out surveys for Taco Bell that is fast food Company providing burgers, pizzas, and other similar products. Instead of hiring special staff and then spending much on their training and relevant equipment, they have hired other companies to perform this task for them. Tellthebeltacobell is giving many perks of getting in touch with them, it is in this way they are providing cash reward up to several dollars. This will help them to get more audience and more input. The result of this increased feedbacks and ideas, that company is in the position to find out short-comings and make their service and products better. Spending on these extra tasks will eventually be proved to be a good opportunity, as more number of people are now visiting them.
To maintain transparency and originality of results, it is being ensured that only those will be able to take part in surveys that have availed the service. For this purpose, the code on receipts is of vital importance, as it serves as a gateway to enter into the survey and put their thoughts before the company.

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