Today's workforce is experiencing a tremendous crisis of morale. This is not only effecting individual success, but corporate finances across America. We can't wait for the government to do it for us. Each of us is responsible not only for the actions we take but the way we think and believe.

If there is a silver lining to the situation that is going on in America today, I suppose it is that it has put us back in touch with what a greedy bunch we have been. Not just in running up credit cards, gas guzzling automobiles and SUVs but in the astronomical amounts of money we spend on clothes, shoes,food and entertainment. Or does this just pertain to people in Las Vegas, I think not.

I know I love good food and nice clothes as much or more than anyone and I'm amazed at how much money I was spending and I'll be the first to admit it was really fun! So do I get frustrated that I've had to cut back, yes, yes and yes. Yet I also realize that I have clothes I haven't worn in a year, I have bits and pieces of make-up and the like that need to be used up and I'm doing so. I realize that I don't need to drive a luxury car, although I do like the car and its very safe. I also realize I don't put enough miles on a car for it to be a source of investment drain.

Yes I think most of us have had a wake-up call and we're dealing with it, but it has effected morale. People aren't sure if they'll have a job, or enough sales to keep their business afloat or if they can hold on to their home. People are living on edge and on the edge.

I do think we're on the way up, and we can help the rise occur more quickly if we remember something. And that is that thoughts create words, words create actions and all these have a powerful impact on our world. If in fact we want to change this situation, we need to get the lesson and quickly. Then we need to begin focusing on the solution. The solution is that we think positively, we count our blessings, we focus on both how we can save and how we can employ new ideas and methods to earn more and differently, we continue to question our expenses, and we begin to give back to others in any form that we can. An afternoon of volunteer work, a note of thanks to the postman, a smile to someone you meet on the street, tossing a ball to a child or giving your dog a hug.

As don Juan said, "The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."

If we want the world to be peaceful and prosperous, we must feel it in our heart first. We must live it in our homes first, we must share that optimism with our colleagues and our family first. The new beginning begins at home - within us.

As any sports player knows when the score is down and the going gets tough, the tough get focused. Are you focused? What on? Is it making you strong or miserable?

Author's Bio: 

Judy Irving, Master Certified Coach, Executive and Leadership Coach, is the owner of Moving On ( and a senior faculty member at Coach University. Her mission is to help her clients transform their view of life and therefore themselves. She endeavors to give them the tools to make it happen.