This morning, upon awakening, I heard the clear sound of my old long departed dog, Buster, barking at me. This sort of thing is not unusual for me, being a Spiritualist and Psychic Medium; I am well versed in what goes on in the Spirit world. It has made me more aware of contacts from Spirit than the average person.
A while back my wife and I borrowed a friend’s apartment for the night so we could go to the Opera and not have to drive home afterwards as it was a couple of hours driving distance away. We thought this would make the evening more enjoyable and far less rushed. Well, what we didn’t expect was the overwhelming feeling of depression and sadness that emanated from this half basement apartment when we dropped off our overnight bag and raced off to see the show. During the interval my wife turned to me and told me she did not feel good in the place and did not want to stay. We decided to return home that night, so when we retrieved the overnight bag I decided to link with whatever was wrong and discovered that a previous occupant had been an alcoholic and died suddenly in his early sixties inside the apartment. I could smell the alcohol and sense this man’s bitter disappointment with his life and his sadness.
On another occasion I was on a course at the world famous mediumship school, ’The Arthur Findlay College’. I stayed in a room in the annexe which was new to me; it was part of the old stable block. During the night I was awakened by the sound of someone blowing raspberries in my ear. (A very rude gesture from a male spirit, who wanted to attract my attention). With this and other little noises it was not easy to sleep. He then shouted, ‘are you alright mate?” in an uncultured accent, in my ear. I asked him politely to let me sleep and so he finally did. I saw him as a young man with a bit of harmless mischief. Later I discovered that this room is used for the paranormal training and only occupied by students when the college is very full.
These events show me that buildings and other locations can have energy that is not of this world. Most of it is completely harmless and as with this young male spirit, treating them with respect as you would any other human being, is the best policy. Have you noticed so often on TV paranormal programmes that they choose to sensationalize the paranormal; treating a simple spirit person as evil and baiting them to react when all they are doing is visiting their old home and making themselves noticed?
Recently my wife and I helped a lady whose 4 year old daughter was receiving very disturbing messages from spirit people, things this little girl could not possibly have known of her. The poor child was frightened to go to bed. With advice from us the problem has been greatly reduced and she is now in charge of her Mediumship.
Now, let’s talk about the nature of these things for a minute. I’m sure you have heard of the headless or legless ghost. Where people have seen these apparitions they are seeing replays of something from the past, like a video replayed action. These are not spirit people but memories held in the ether or psychic atmosphere of the location. The floor level is now different but the image still appears where it once would have been. I have witnessed these apparitions often in the past.
Often the events are noises, like the sound of horse’s hooves on cobblestones. This is clearly a frequent event in history outside an Inn or similar place and is heard now, purely a repeat of noise held in the ether. When people have described witnessing these types of events they invariable describe the same event which plays out again and again. Can you imagine an intelligent spirit person doing a repeat performance night after night!
As a child, I often heard my friend’s mother call her husband from his nap when his dinner was ready. Recently, the new occupants of this house have heard her still calling him with the same words as I heard as a child. This is not a spirit person but just the replay of past events held in the fabric of the building. This can best be described as an image trapped in time.
Spirit people can visit a location that they have an attachment to. They are not locked into the location but choose to be there. Their energy can permeate the ether and make the place feel different. This may be depressing if that is the nature of the spirit person and make people living there feel depressed as they pick up the energy. On the other hand most spirit people that visit our homes are there because they are our departed relatives; they come with love and positive intentions for us. If I could have a penny for every time someone has told me they have smelt there mother’s perfume or dads cigarette smoke I would be rich. In pennies anyway.
If you wish to communicate with loved ones who have passed into the, ‘World of Spirit’, then I suggest that you contact a Medium like me, John Shurvell who can help you. I can be contacted at:

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As a young child, John Shurvell saw spirit people and was brought up with the influence of hands on healing within his family. He has always known things before they happened; therefore, there is no surprise that John’s true passion and love was to become a Psychic Medium, Psychic Counsellor, Reiki/Master, Trance Healer and Qualified Meditation teacher in the United Kingdom. He is also qualified in Indian Head Massage, which he teaches on a regular basis, and he is trained in Thai Foot Massage/Reflexology, Ear candling and Crystal Healing. He is also a member of Healing International.

Besides teaching healing, Psychic/Mediumship skills at several places around BC, John teaches ‘Discover Your Psychic Self’ with the City of Nanaimo’s ‘Leisure Guide’. John also enjoys giving seminars to many large groups on various subjects; his background in teaching is as a police trainer; teaching teenagers in London on subjects that included drug abuse, personal safety and bullying. He was also been interviewed on local radio stations several times.

Much of Johns training has taken place at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. His tutors included: Tony Stockwell - from TV’s Street Psychic, Psychic Private Eyes and Most Haunted, Simone Key, Libby Clark, Tim Abbot, Brenda Lawrence, Steven and Stella Upton, Leah Bond, Sandy Baker and many others.

As a medium, John is mainly clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. This means he sees spirit people, senses them and hears what they have to say.

John decided to move from London, England to Nanaimo, BC, a magical, awe-inspiring place filled with splendid beauty with a strong sense of metaphysical powers and to dedicate his life to helping others to make contact with their loved ones, who reside just the other side of the veil that we so wrongly call death.
John has dedicated his life to the service of Spirit.