Automatic gift request processor for Facebook games accepts every Facebook game requests and GIFTS BACK. Free trial for 100 requests.

June 5, 2011 - The now viral and famous social network Facebook is not only a great place to stay in touch with friends, loved ones, or to meet new people, but it is also laden with numerous free game applications. In fact, probably one of the reasons why Facebook managed to win over its predecessors is its offering of flash games.

With Facebook games however, life is not always easy. For example, there is the competition over Gifts. The mechanics is that whoever claims it first, gets the Facebook Gift.However, another application provides a solution to this - the Giftscraper and the Giftauto.

With it, subscribers of Facebook will no longer have to keep watch all the time just to claim gifts as they appear. The Giftscraper is an automatic Facebook gift request processor. So how does it work?

Snatch Gifts As They Appear

This new application works by thoroughly scanning the news feed and profile wall of its user to search for Gifts as they appear. For example, the Gift post from the game ‘Friends for sale’ can be worth 1 Million coins. Once it appears, Gift scraper will automatically claim it before other players of ‘Friends for sale’ do. It is convenient and effective as well.

Works With Most Played Games

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