Greetings dating wannabies! I have realized over the last few years that a lot of my male viewers have come to me with questions about how to meet girls, and how to talk to girls and the best ways to approach girls.

One of the biggest issues with guys and dating is how to overcome the awkwardness of that first date. Well, up until now, I have been reluctant to share my advices on this. Why? Because all the ladies would start to figure out my secrets and tricks - and that's just not cool, right? Well not for me anyway.

But you know what? As I'm getting older I figured now might be a good time to pass on and share some of my dating tips and experiences to my fellow comrades. The thing is that, I have done my fair share of dating in the past, and regardless of if you think I'm good looking, ugly or none of the above the fact is that I've got the runs on the board - know what I'm saying?

Now, all girls close this article right now you're not allowed to read this! Close your computer, leave the room and go play with something else, you're no longer allowed here - capeesh!

Okay, now that all the busy body, mind sucking ladies have left the room, gather in guys.

Make sure you smell good!

First things first - the basics. Make sure you brush your teeth, flush your teeth, brush your teeth, wash your hair, clean your ears. Put on some body lotion, some deodorant but don't use too much after shave. Wear clean clothes, clean your car. Now, a girl will give you the up-and-down on a first date so make sure your shoes are clean. Remember, within those first 30 - 60 seconds a first date is all about making a good first impression.

If you look stinky, if you are stinky she will not want to put her face anywhere near you or your special bits, got it!

The date

So, here's a few things I love to do on the first date. Fellows, when you are sitting across the table on the first date, do not be scared to make eye contact, eye contact is vital. A lot of guys will be intimidated by long bouts of eye contact, they tip their head, shrug their shoulders and look away - and quite frankly this effects the way they communicate. Yeah maybe it's sort of shy and cute but if you can look at here straight in the eyes with a genuine smile and say stuff like "hey you look really pretty tonight, your hair looks great" then by doing this you are automatically forcing a connection with here.

Physical cliché

It's funny and goofy: and it works, let me explain an example. Pretend to accidently kick her ankle under the table and say "hey why you trying to play footsies with me under the table" and she'll respond "me! that's you playing footsies under the table" and you can reply with something like "hey girl I don't know what you're on tonight I'm just sitting here trying to enjoy my meal and you're kicking me under the table trying to be dirty and stuff!" This kind of funny game can open the door to physical contact. Then things are not awkward anymore.

Now, let's say the date is going really well, this is how you can get a cute little sneaky kiss. I know that most girls like a kiss to be spontaneous but this little secret has always worked out for me. When you're at the dinner table say to her, "hey let's play spin the bottle": spin the bottle she says? you're like "yeah, let me grab the salt shaker as the bottle." Then spin the salt shaker so it points to her and you say, "oh, look at the that it's pointing at you, we gotta kiss that means, do you wanna be a rule breaker that's how the game works right?" Then you lean over the table and land one on her.

The lead up

These days, there's a lot of flirty conversations that take place before the date via texting, Face booking etc. This is where you can see where her head is at before the big date. Say stuff like, "hey my favourite colour is pink, I just love pink I always have". Now, if she wears pink on the first date, you just know she is totally up for it and out to impress you and that she wore that colour for YOU.

So there we go, some secrets from my magic hat, use wisely and all success to you!

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