Nothing can give more happiness and pleasure to a parent than being a father or mother of their first baby. Every first thing about this little creature is special be it first baby, first smile, first cry, first word from baby’s mouth, first stand on his feet, first walk and other first lovely acts of a baby. It gives a parent immense satisfaction and happiness to experience these emotional moments and preserves them for the life time. It is rightly said that “babies are always cute: be it a human baby or an animal baby”.

One of the other special things which happen on a birth of a baby is giving the name to the baby by which he/she will be called thereafter by the whole world. Parents are always excited about this event. They always want to pick a name out of their own dictionary and give that name to their baby. But it is not that simple. Every parent seems to be confused while thinking of a name for their baby. They want to give a beautiful name to their baby so that his/her name appears to be one of the uncommon baby names. In fact you may often find a mother and father fighting over the choice of the name to be given to their baby even before the birth of a baby. As the baby may turn out to be boy or girl, so parents prepare them by having a dozen of names in the back of their mind from which they can select a name for their baby whether the baby turns out to be a girl or a boy.

Selecting Baby names is something which can be inspired by a lot of things. Some parents pick a famous personality, a legend, a nature’s name, synonyms of god names and millions of other things to prepare a list of uncommon baby names. Preparing a list of baby boy names or baby girl names is sometimes guided by religious customs as well. Baby names vary from country to country, religion to religion, community to community and lots of other parameters in which this globe is divided. Every region will have baby names according to their history, present and forecasted future.

Parents from religious background have a tendency to give their baby a unique name out of the list of some uncommon baby names which may be after a god or a god’s incarnation. They believe that by doing so they will always give their baby a chance to give a saint’s outlook and persona. Although all this depends on how the baby is going to spend his/her life after the birth but still parents have their own ideas. Parents always want to their baby names to be meaningful.

So parents always act wise fully while giving your baby a perfect name. A name can even be an inspirational object or a driving force for the new born by which the baby can cover his/her life without any hurdles and problems.

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