We human beings are blessed with different kinds of culture, tradition and religion, each again adorned with different kinds of Gods. Buddhism, inspired and founded by Buddha is one of the most honored religions in India which has also left its mark on different parts of the globe. Buddha statue is very popular among the masses and considered sacred. The life of Buddha has motivated the lives of many people on earth.

Encouraged by the preaching of Buddha many people have chosen the path of self-enlightenment and achieved the goal of their life. Buddha is also popular as the Enlightened one and was the spiritual teacher, meditator, protector, mentor and much more. He lived the life of an ascetic and meditated for a long period of time. All these practices gained him the name Buddha which later stimulated the lives of others. Buddha idol became sacred among devotees and the demand got increased over the period of time.

Buddha, was born in Sakya clan in Lumbini, in Northern India towards the southern borders of Nepal. He was born to Suddhodana and Maya into a royal family. He was initially named Siddhartha Gautam and spent his childhood in Kapilavastu. From the early age of his life, he was kept away from all kinds of sufferings and given importance as a prince. His father Suddhodana was the king of the local Sakya tribe.

As per history, there were predictions made about the life of Siddhartha Gautam by the priests on the occasion of a ceremony when a name is given to the child. Priests were invited by king Suddhodana who gave the name to the child and made predictions about his future. Later, one of the priests predicted that the child is born to become Buddha in the future and renounce the entire world. On hearing such a prediction about his child, Suddhodana was worried as he wanted his son to be the successor of his kingdom.

After this, Suddhodana was very alert and kept Buddha inside the palace surrounded by all sorts of luxuries. Suddhodana made all possible efforts to keep Buddha away from the miseries of life. There was a guard in the service of Buddha all the time and who kept an umbrella over his head to keep him in shadow. All the best things from clothes to pieces of jewellery, fruits to sweets everything needed by Buddha was available inside the palace. Even every kind of prominent dancer, artist and musicians were also present inside the palace for the entertainment of Buddha.
Later, in his life, he was married to Yasodhara at the age of sixteen who gave birth to his son Rahul. He spent a good married life for a few years but he was meant to be a Buddha as per destiny. His fate made him encounter the first misery at the age of twenty-nine when he came across four events. He saw an old age person, a diseased body, a corpse and an ascetic which was surprising for him. Just after this, he left the palace in the night in search of a solution to all these miseries.

The life of Buddha has affected the lives of numerable disciples throughout the world irrespective of caste, religion, age, or gender. Today the Buddha idol is looked upon as the inspiration and is found placed everywhere in homes, offices, hospitals, banks or spiritual buildings in many different forms.

Nowadays Buddha statue plays a major role in converting the aura of any place and creating a positive vibration around it. There are various advantages of keeping the image or Buddha icon near the location where one wants to experience peace, satisfaction and positivity.

Some of the advantages of Buddha icon are:

* It maintains peace and harmony at the place it is kept.
* Attracts good vibes.
* One feels satisfied and contented when near the statue.
* It is also good for the mental health of the human body.
* Adds a classy look to the entire ambiance.

There is a wide range of Buddha icon available in the market which is equipped with different sorts of statues. There is a vast market for Buddha statue online which is loaded with different shapes, designs, colors, forms and styles of Buddha. Due to the increased number of demands for the buddha statue throughout the globe the Buddha statue online market store is flooded with a variety of stylish and unique knids of Buddha icon.

To fetch the best out of Buddha statue one should place the statue with face towards east direction. The area around the statue should be clean and if possible purify it by lighting up incense sticks or candles. It should never be placed in the bathroom or bedroom. So, now explore the Buddha statue online and get it home soon to grab the benefits.

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