Home décor is amongst the most important aspect of one’s life. A good decorated house brings an ultimate joy to your life. Table lamps, especially glass mushroom table lamps are pivotal in the decoration of your home. These bed side or sofa side glass lamps bring added beauty to your bedroom or drawing room.

Glass Mushroom table lamps are old style lamps used for home décor. They have brilliant crafted lines and are handmade as well. They come different designs and varieties. The material of the mushroom table lamps is of various types. These mid century lighting icons give you the remembrance of past and you enjoy the good old days.

There are different types of mushroom table lamps. One of the type is latest battery operated lamps. These lamps glow with Led equipped in the lamps. The height of the lamps vary and they come as low as six inches tall which look great on your table or bed side. Moreover, the swirls provided in the deigns of the lamps give a beautiful and refreshing look.  

In following paragraphs, we will describe you the different aspects of the Glass Mushroom Table Lamps.


Design is one of the most sort out feature of any product. When it comes to the glass mushroom table lamps and their home décor aspect, the design becomes ever more important knowing the fact that main consideration for any buyer is an attractive design. The glass mushroom table lamps have the unique and captivating designs which not only attract the eyes but also they provide a great outlook to your bedroom. The mushroom lamps come in the vintage designs with white stripes. Moreover, the glass mushroom table lamps are equipped with the warm white LED Lights. The lamps are full of medieval style and present you an elegant look.

Moreover, the stripes on the mushroom lamp are wavy type and they are clearly visible to the eyes and add beauty to the surroundings.  This wavy stripe design is exquisite in nature and appeals you.  This wavy design is popular amongst the people since 1970. From then, the design is the most sought one.


The material of a lamp matters a lot. A good manufactured lamp will be easy to handle and easy to maintain. The glass mushroom table lamps are hand-blown with white stripes with glass. Moreover, the glass is made of high end ceramic material. This material is great in design and harmless and non toxic as far its interaction with body is considered. Hence, the lamp is most suitable for the bed side.


As the lamp is equipped with the LED bulb, it can be easily operated through a button with 110 V. Moreover, you can convert the voltage as per your requirements.


The glass mushroom table lamps are simple and very easy to install. There is no complexity in their built up and operations.  These lamps are suitable for your bedroom, study room, living room and to your sofa side.

Glass Mushroom Table Lamps are great utility for daily life and are great source of home décor. The quality construction and their material attract you to get one such lamp.     


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