Everybody occasionally struggles at work, whether because of personal problems, low morale, or burnout. Although many companies try to keep a tight grip on intracompany relationships, whether as best friends or in romantic relationships, it now seems that having a co-worker who also happens to be a good friend outside of work might be in the company's best interest.

Glendalyn Fodra is no stranger to the hectic demands of daily life, but with the support of her family as well as her friends in and outside of work, she is able to strike a healthy balance. Mrs. Fodra acknowledges that her work friendships play a pivotal role in her overall wellbeing, performance, and leadership.

Many employers view time spent socializing at work as time wasted since it might seem that no work is being accomplished. However, having a best friend at work contributes to workplace productivity and leads to a higher level of job satisfaction. Employees feel more confident taking on new responsibilities because they have a trusted confidant to offer input if they struggle with a particular challenge.

Additionally, sharing work time with a good friend also helps to boost morale. Just having friends nearby can be enough to keep employees encouraged and engaged. When people are happy, they are naturally more productive.

If an employee is struggling with personal problems at home, it can be tempting to skip work, however, knowing that they have a trusted source of support at work will encourage that employee to show up. It also makes employees more willing to do their best because they will feel accountable not only to supervisors but also to each other.

The line between work and home life becomes increasingly blurred as our lives get busier. By encouraging employees to cultivate friendships, you will be benefiting both workers and companies. The result will be fewer sick days, improved morale, and an overall increase in productivity.

About Glendalyn Fodra:
Glendalyn Fodra is a devoted physical therapist with 25 years of experience in various settings. She is also BLS certified and has mentored PT students. In her professional life, she’s devoted to teamwork and achieving excellence through patient care. Mrs. Fodra focuses heavily on skilled nursing and geriatrics, an interest fueled by her desire to improve the quality of life of her patients.

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