Pleasant personality and charming beauty is a significant attribute of your persona. Each one of us aspires to achieve such traits that can win hearts and leaves an everlasting impression in society. If you look at any famous personality from any field, say sports, entertainment or politics, each of them possesses an attractive character that acts as a crowd-puller. These qualities are the foundation to become an inspiring leader, Page 3 celebrity and impactful personality.

Have you noticed people with robust temperament once they walk in the room or occupy centre stage? They mesmerize the public with their presence. They charge up the environment, and people feel a magnetic pull towards them.

But wait for a second, do you also believe such people are born with such traits, and one cannot build upon these qualities? If yes, you are primarily mistaken, my friend. As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, you can quickly build up such personality at any point in time and ready to rock and roll. These are time and tested calculations that have a proven set of success record. These effective methodologies are to boost your chart and help you to get a charismatic personality.

Planets and Beauty – How does this work?

After knowing Astrology can enhance your facade, let’s now understand how this entire process works. Planet Venus is responsible for your attraction, charm, glamour and luxury. Most of the famous personalities have stable and powerful Venus. This strength in Venus boosts oneself and makes you stand out in the crowd. Most of the favourite characters have Venus placed in a very desirable house in their birth chart.

A glowing skin boosts your confidence while and dull skin makes you depressed and derail your personality. We do not support or believe skin tone or color shall get the undue advantage, but we also know the kind of society we live in. A fair complexion is always one step ahead in our community, and that is a harsh reality.

We live in stressful times. It is challenging to maintain ourselves where the pollution index is busting a new level every day. Food is adulterated, oxygen and water are polluted. In such times you what is at your saviour? Don’t worry Onegodmed is always there to help you out in such scenarios or anything else where you need counselling or guidance from astrology prospect.

Apart from Venus, a few other planets play a vital role in defining your personality and features. Moon is a peaceful planet. If Moon dominates your birth chart, you will be a calm and soothing personality. Your body features would be sharp, and color would be fair.

If Mercury influences your personality, you will be very active and look younger than your age. Jupiter's dominance would result in a sober and attractive character. Sun will make your physic strong, and glow on the face would be impeccable. Saturn and Rahu can make your personality healthy and skin color a little dark. Mars dominance will make you impatient.

The above analysis will depend on the placement of these planets and conjunction with other planets.

Planets and their Role in your Personality

Medical Astrology deep dives into caring health and problems related to skin and your persona. Though all the planets have some roles and responsibilities representing your persona, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are majorly responsible. Stress is one of the notable causes of skin and health-related issues directly impacting your guise. Moon is majorly responsible for this. If your Moon is placed in an unfavourable house or ominous conjunction, higher chances will affect your inner peace that eventually impacts your appearance. Mercury will make fast changes in your skin. Dry skin and dull hair is the reason for malefic Mercury. Rahu is responsible for an intense disease like cancer, accidents and dark skin tone. Venus makes your skin glow not less than a Cinderella. Venus and Moon together placed in a favourable position, will make your personality very charming and appealing. Jupiter is for stomach related to diseases. That, in due course, results in gastric problems and skin rashes.

Below we are listing down astrology tips to take the maximum benefits of Planets to make your skin glow and personality awe-struck.

There are a lot of benefits of seeing the Moon, especially the full Moon. It is also advisable to keep Kheer (recipe made from milk and rice) in Poonam full moon for 10 minutes and eat it for healthy and glowing skin. Moon also composes your body and calms your personality resulting in providing the right balance.
Your Sun represents your overall personality. If Sun is making any connection with the first house, you will have a delightful and build-up personality. Charm on your face would be similar to that of the Sun. It is advisable to offer plain water to Sun once you take a bath every morning before 10 AM to make your personality ever more alluring.

You can wear Venus stone diamond or offer white items to poor and needy people like white clothes, rice depending upon its placement to make your Venus powerful. You can also worship Goddess Laxmi to make your personality pleasing.

Take the utmost care of personal hygiene. Take a bath daily, drink more water, avoid day sleeping, wash hands, feet, and face water before resting.

Apart from the above mentioned generic tips that are Kundli specific information that will give you the best result to make your personality enthralling and delightful. You can reach out to Onegodmed best astrologer and help you with customized tips based on your birth chart. Let us help you achieve a pleasing, confident, attractive personality that no one can resist. You are just a click away to achieve your dream persona. Talk to astrologer now! For every question, Onegodmed has an answer.

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