Fundamentals of Wedding Choreography

Wedding Dance can be a nightmare for couples who know nothing about dancing and it can even get worse when they have no one by their side for help. Here is where professional Wedding Choreographers come into the picture. More and more weddings are now considering the involvement of events like bride and groom’s first dance, son-mother dance and in some cases, father-daughter dance as well. Most of the wedding choreographers in Delhi have prepared programs for different kinds of scenarios. These programs have lessons designed in consideration with the amount of time and effort the participants are willing to put into the event.
Preparation for any choreographed wedding dance routine varies depending on factors like amount of time required for every person or couple to get used to the dance moves and other parts of wedding dance. It also depends on how impressive the couple wants the routine to look. Another factor that plays a huge role in such an event is experience; it takes lesser time to build a choreographed dance if the participants have prior dance experience. Generally speaking, the first dance i.e. bride and groom dancing for the first time, takes longer to prepare than father-daughter or mother-son routines. It is best to start practicing simple and basic dance moves at least 6 months in advance. If in case the couple wants a low stress dance routine, then the dance can be choreographed in a matter of weeks. Other dance events are usually kept short, since the bride and groom’s dance is the main event everyone at the wedding is looking forward to.
But before getting into the entire concept of wedding choreography, it is very important to understand the various terminologies regarding dancing.
A dance routine consists of a sequential group of patterns performed one after the other i.e. the first pattern is performed followed by second pattern and so forth. These sequentially ordered patterns are called Pattern Sequences. The routine, which may or may not be choreographed, is performed to a selected song or music. When talking about a choreographed routine, the patterns are required to be fitting a particular song; synchronizing the sounds and different accents in the song.
When it comes down to a choreographed routine, more wedding dance lessons are required than a non-choreographed dance routine, hence more time is required to finish the project. To learn a choreographed first dance or just a routine depends entirely on what amount of effort the couple wishes to put into the event. It generally takes around 5-20 dance lessons depending on the complexity of the routines.
Surprisingly, both experienced and new dancers take wedding dance lessons to deliver an exceptional performance at the wedding. Understandably, newcomers always require more time to get used to the routine as they begin with learning the basics of dancing. It always takes time to understand lead/follow, timing and different genres of dancing. Accomplished dancers learn quicker since they have prior understanding of music, beats and timings.
Talking about the frequency of dance lessons, generally every dance package usually consist of 5-20 dance lessons, each lasting about 30-35 minutes. Of course some couple requires fewer lessons while others require more, depending on the individual need. For instance, a basic dance performance require less number of dance lessons while a more complex dance performance require more than 15 dance lessons.
Wedding choreography lessons often includes training for understanding the beats and timing of the song chosen by the participants. It is advisable to choose a number of relevant songs before getting into creating dance patterns and sequences. It is highly recommended to hire from a number of dance groups in Delhi or wedding choreographer who can make decisions regarding wedding dances, making your wedding a memorable event of your life.

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