Everyday we can decide to do something or not to do something. Goal setting is a great way to develop more of "easy to do" than "not to do" habit. Right now take out a sheet of paper and write down one goal for today. The goal can be basic like say "hi" to the next person you meet. Here is another goal, which can be easy to do, read a positive book like "Think and Grow Rich."

Everyone can accomplish basic little goals every single day. No one builds a house in one day. Creating or achieving a BIG GOAL takes time and effort. As the saying goes, "if it's easy, it's probably sleazy" so do not look for the easy way towards your goal.

Achieving Goals Takes Time

The great thing with goal setting is we change our goals at any point in time. Maybe you wanted to have the big house on the lake, but discovered using the money to buy the house could be used to retire 10 years sooner. Goals are always evolving and sometimes we discover faster ways to achieve a goal.

One thing I have learned over the years is the power of the Law of Attraction in my life. The Law of Attraction works when you take the time to set a goal. If you never set a goal or think about a goal then the Law of Attraction will not work.

Easy "Not To Do"

It is funny when I talk to someone about goal setting and they say goal setting does not work. However, all those never seem to have written down a goal. They mistaken think setting goals is a waste of time.

You know how long it takes to set goals? About a couple minutes, maybe 10 to 20 minutes at the most to figure out what you want to do. People who decide setting goals is not for them make the easy decision "not to do." At some point in time in a person's life they do set a goal. Unfortunately, it is sometimes too late. They have a heart attack and the doctor tells them they have to lose 50 pounds or they could die.

Life or death goals are not easy. Sometimes people give up and decide they will not get healthy. You know what? Most of them achieve this goal and never get healthy.

Whether or not you set goals you still are setting goals. Deciding not to do something is the same as deciding to do. A choice is still made. Go out and decide to do something great!

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