David Letterman, John Edwards, Hugh Grant, Jon Gosselin, Jude Law, Bill Clinton, Eddie Cibrian, Peter Cook, James Cameron, Donald Trump, Prince Charles, John F. Kennedy, Morgan Freeman, Rudy Guiliani, Michael Jordan, Gov. Mark Sandford and Tiger Woods- what do these gentlemen have in common aside from being rich, famous and powerful? All of them cheated from their wives. Most of these guys have above average gorgeous, sexy, and equally famous wife. These gentlemen have everything in life that people could only imagine -wealth, power and fame. This made us, the average people of this earth wonder- why do guys cheat? Having this in mind, I collaborated with several guys and get to the heart of the issue of why men cheat.

Knowing why men cheat can never lessen the pain of being cheated, and it can never change them either. But like everything else in life, being aware of the situation
gives you the edge- the understanding…and from understanding comes wisdom and readiness. Wisdom to concoct prevention against duplicity and readiness in case you got hit by it and being aware why men cheat can also help you in getting your ex back.

The answers to this million dollar question- why men cheat are going to sound like a ten-dollar answer. We may never identify with their answers, but this is the real and bare truth of why men cheat.

Men cheat because…

* They can. I can’t sugar-coat this for you. I chocked- up, too when I heard this answer. Men don’t view sex the way women do. For a lot of us, the act of sex is emotional, magical, sacred- an act of love. For guys, however, neither meaning nor emotions enter the equation. It’s easy, very easy for a man to have sex other than his wife or girlfriend, go home, wash it off with soap and water, and act as if nothing happened. For a man, sex can be simply a physical act- love has completely nothing to do with it.

* They think they can get away with it. Of course they may consider the risk of getting caught. But mostly, guys pursue an affair with great confidence that they can get away with it, and with greater confidence that if ever they will get caught, their denials will help them get through. This explains the reason why men will never ever admit their infidelity unless they are caught bare and red-handed.

* He is confused. This may sound like a lame excuse, but it’s the reality. Men define themselves according to who they are, what they do, and how much money they make. And if he hasn’t become who he wants and needs to be, then there is a huge tendency that he may wander off. This reason got nothing to do with you.

* Things at home aren’t what they used to. This time it could have something to do with you. He feels unappreciated. Sex no longer exist, he becomes the last person in the priority list, he is bombarded with bills and chores and keeping up with the rat race. He feels neglected and misses the good old, beautiful times in your marriage.

* There’s always a woman willing to cheat with him. This is the biggest reason why men cheat. Yes, I said it. I had many forms of denials in my head when I was confronted with this one- but facts are facts. Can you imagine how many marriages and relationships still exist today if every woman in this planet said, “I can’t do that with you, you’re married.” Guys can cheat because many women out there are willing to connive with them.

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