Google Analytics Certification Course in Bangalore
Google Analytics is one of the most in-demand services these days in the leading IT companies. A course in Google Analytics can boost your CV and also get opportunities to land better jobs. The Google Analytics Certification Course in Bangalore is an ideal way to enhance your skills and stand out in a crowd. You need to have a clear conception of how and when does Google Analytics is needed. The course is designed to help you gain confidence and expertise to work in the corporate sectors.
Courses offered by the Google Analytics Certification Course in Bangalore
The certification course follows a structure which includes the following topics.
• An introduction to what is Google Analytics and its applications
• How does Google Analytics work
• What is the structure of Google Analytics account
• Setting up an account in Google Analytics
• Importance of cookies in Google Analytics
• How to download different traffic reports and understanding the types of traffic
• How to add Google Analytics code to a website
• How to create the key performance indicators with the use of primary and secondary dimensions
• What is bounce rate and how can you reduce it
• How to set up goals and track conversions and what is the importance of funnels in goal conversion
• What are the different types of goal conversion paths
• What is event tracking in Google Analytics
• What is tracking AdWords Campaign reports in Google Analytics
• How to integrate Google AdWords with Google Analytics and Google Merchant centres
• Automation and manual UTM tagging importance
• How to filter the traffic and create different types of Pictorial charts for analysis of reports
• What is real time traffic
• How to create dashboard
• How to create advanced Segmentation reports with multiple dimensions
• How to create custom reports
• How to track eCommerce reports
• What is remarketing and how to implement it through Google Analytics
• What is single and multi channel attribution modelling.
Perks of Google Analytics Certification Course in Bangalore
The certification course gives you authentic training in Google Analytics. This not only builds up your job profile but also improves your technical knowledge. The perks of the certification course are that it gives hundred percent placement guarantee. You can even attend a free demo session. The batches are held both on weekdays and weekends. The sessions are one hour long. They provide four hours of practice on real-time projects to give you real-life situation experience. Training is provided by experts who help you realize the approach and application of Google Analytics in the industry. The training also helps you prepare your resume and for interviews by arranging mock interviews. With live assignments and projects, you get hands-on training on Google Analytics Certification Course in Bangalore.
Final thoughts
A job market is a complex place. To get noticed you must have an X factor. The course allows you to get noticed with a better resume to present. With guaranteed placement, you will get a kick start for your professional career in Google Analytics.

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