In Google I / O 2019, we share some of the new features we are adding to Google Payments and use these features to add to our customers, whether you accept payment on apps or devices. have been. Web site or customer transmission is more than the payment. Membership card, offer events and boarding pass tickets.
During this event, we are ready to find out what covers. If you want to know the whole story, check out our conference recording: Create a powerful payment experience with Google Pay and allow users to participate in payments. Tickets, buses and boarding pass.
Make Online Payments More Transparent
Improved payment experience is likely to increase your conversion. Here are some examples that Google Payday can help you eliminate your payment process.
Dynamic Updates for Faster Checkout
In order to provide more details and transparency to our customers, we have made some changes to the Google Pay API. In the future, Google Payment Form will display pricing information so that users can confirm your order before verifying the purchase. We also include modifications based on business conditions (such as shipping options), so customers can quickly see the details of all relevant purchase details without the return on merchant's website, which will accelerate the purchase.
More Payment Buttons Options
In addition to those improvements in the payment card, we are introducing new creative buttons and integration options to encourage customers to choose Google money for faster payment. First of all, we launched the Create API API for web developers. It activates an animated purchase button with the right style and colour that is found on the user's device or browser settings. We also tested a custom button that showed important information before entering the user into the payment process. For example, we can show customers who they need to sign in or set up, they will notify or notify: This information is shown directly on the button. Since buttons are processed by the host and Google Payments, it can be done without any change.
Extra Value with Google Pay Pass
The Google Pay Pass API lets you connect millions of Android users by connecting you to your Google Accounts on a loyal program, gift card, offer, board and event tickets. This year, we introduce new features and integrations to help users reach more time and space.
High priority notice for boarding pass.
Your passengers can add Google to their boarding pass for the smooth boiling experience. A few hours before Google Pay Flights sends passengers high priority information so they can easily access them. They will also receive notifications that include important dynamic information, such as door change or flight delay. These notifications are a high priority and keep track of passengers' phones until they return or take them.
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Integrated with Google Assistant
The Google Environmental System can help to connect with the user's full trip. Since the beginning of this year, we directly announced the ability to register flights from the Google Assistant. Once check-in is ready, your passenger will be notified and will take the assistant to complete the process directly. At the end of this feed, users will have access to the boarding pass from Assistant or Google Pay. This API is based on passports, which means the book is an airline. If you've added support for your boarding pass, you can easily add the record through the magician integration.
Open API for Transportation, Support for Dynamic Bar Code
We are announcing that we are using transit using an open API. This means that if you are a shipping provider and are currently providing a barcode ticket for your shipping service, you can now scan your tickets in Google Pay using the Passport API. We'll also improve this API for support of dynamic bar codes. Bar codes for tickets or customer pass will be updated every few seconds, even if your device is offline. It will improve security. As your R code is changing, the ticket will be difficult to copy.
Combine Loyalty with Gmail
Now you can also allow users to import your loyal card directly from Gmail by adding a tag to your email. When a customer opens a Google Pay App, Google PayPal cannot be included in the Gmail Subscription card. With a click, they can easily add for easy access. This function is currently available only for loyal programs, but in the future, we will grow to other types of passwords.
What Next?
Even if the user has not installed the Google Pay App, we will work hard to provide Google Pass for our customers. We start with boarding passes and tickets and want to increase the same functionality in other countries. Please wait for further

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