Many companies are still exploiting graduates with unpaid work in order to find the ideal candidate and as a result there is fierce competition for graduate jobs. Many top companies are refusing to look at candidates externally with many opting for those that have already worked there as interns. In order for students to get a good job when they graduate they need to target there chosen company, in the correct sector whilst studying for their degree. Therefore, it is essential that you make your vacancy more appealing by making a good offer and package.

Tips to enhance your graduate job offer and package

There are a number of ways to retain and attract potential candidates into your business. Providing a job spec that can be clearly interpreted by the candidate illustrating what they will be doing is a must. Offering a package that includes training is considered by many graduates as highly important. By offering a competitive salary that reflects the region in which they are living is more appealing compared to an under paid salary in Home Counties where the cost of living is higher. The most important thing is you need to be realistic about what you can offer and try to create an all-rounder package as sometimes it’s not all about the money and maybe the added extras might appeal more. Offering benefits such as a pension scheme, gym membership, cycle to work incentives are just a few examples of packages that companies are rolling out.

Even in small businesses where some people consider lesser value to work for you need to emphasis on the factors that may not be possible if they were working in a large company. Elements such as working for a smaller business often mean you will be having a direct influence on the business’s success and the possibility to gain responsibility in key areas early on is usually the case. By telling the potential graduate he or she will have the prospect of becoming a key team player with a chance to experience how the different aspects of a business work usually fills the candidate with excitement as they now feel important. Also, mentioning to them the prospects of working closely with directors off the business is deemed exciting.

Many people currently working for a company realise that working for a smaller business is often better with a more dynamic working environment compared to larger companies where there is normally a fixed structure with less flexibility. Their chance to get involved in exciting new projects in smaller businesses more regularly is also an influential factor.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that persistence and planning will prevail. With the current market it is impossible to predict what will happen when trying to recruit a potential candidate. However, you can improve your chances of success by having a plan and job spec that is well thought out and a role that is made interesting and presented correctly.

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