Popularly famous for its diverse whitewashed villages, ancient ruins, mouth-watering delicacies, sunny beaches and friendly warmth, Greece emerges as one of the much preferred tourist destinations in Europe. Comprising hundreds of islands and mountainous mainland, every destination offers its unique Greece travel experience for you. The stunning landscapes, nightlife scenes, cultural delights and historic sites altogether create a perfect ambience for you to relax and live life to the fullest.

Here is a brief overview of top 6 tourist attractions in Greece that you must not forget to include in your itinerary –

The Ancient Cape Sounion

Famous for the ruins of ancient Greek Poseidon temple, the sacred God of the sea, Cape Sounion is standing firm at the southern-most tip Attica peninsula. You can easily find the remains of the temple perched on its headland surrounded by sea on all three sides.

Thessaloniki – the second largest city

The capital of Macedonian region in Northern Greece, Thessaloniki holds a renowned acclamation for its social events, lively festivals and buzzing nightlife. It comprises both new as well as old attractions for you including White tower, Turkish baths, Byzantine walls, colourful food, art galleries, museums and markets. Its unmatched nightlife can add fun in your life with nightclubs to small tavernas and various other entertainment spots.

Zagori – A natural beauty

Surrounded with two renowned national parks and striking geology, Zagori is situated in the North-western region of Greece. Its rugged mountains, dense forests, furrowed with powerful rivers bring forth a picturesque scenario of late 18th century. To enjoy the perfect leisurely holidays in this location, you can prefer hiking the paths of this place that connects your with different villages.

Halkidiki – An adventurous destination

Located near Thessaloniki, Halkidiki is popular for its sporting beaches. Similar to a trident peninsula, its three distinctive peninsulas may include - Athos (famous for monks), Sithonia (famous for beaches) and Kassandra (popular for its nightlife). Open for only male pilgrims, you can easily access these peninsulas through boat.

The traditional Peloponnese

Shaped similar to a leaf, this island was initially popular with the name of 'Morea' that literally means mulberry leaf. Situated at the southernmost area of Greece and Europe, Peloponnese is surely a vast peninsula that easily connects with the mainland via Rio-Antirrio Bridge. It highlights the rich ancient culture of the country with Venetian fortresses, Greek classical temples, Mycenaean palaces and Byzantine churches.

Delphi – an archaeological site

The next big beautiful city after Acropolis, Delphi is famous as a renowned archaeological site. Dedicated only to God, this place is located around the awe-inspiring beauty of Mount Parnassus. Holding great religious significance most of the people visit this sacred place for inquiring about best advices on variety of topics including politics and relationships. Some of the most prominent structures and ruins of this place include the Apollo temple, the hippodrome, the theatre and the Athenian treasury.

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