Mom had mentioned the first time Ace showed signs of improvement was in his muscle tone and memory alertness. He used to lean when walking, like Frankenstein. Now, he began standing and walking like everyone else. After that, he began to show immediate response to any form of communication. Ace would look directly at someone maintaining direct eye contact and didn’t stutter. My brother seemed like a different person. At first I was jealous, but then I realized that if he couldn’t provide an income for himself, who would take care of him if something happened to Mom or Dad? So, I became a cheerleader like Mom. You go, Big Bro!

A few months later, Dad purchased a new oven, but it didn’t fit where the previous one had been. It was Ace who came to the rescue! He knew what needed to complete the task, such as the rewiring and the removal of some paneling. Dad was confused by Ace making these suggestions. After all, Ace had never been much help in the past, except for taking out the garbage and mowing the grass. But, when Dad discovered Ace was correct in how to install this oven, he was elated.

Ace was beginning to develop his true gifts, much like I had in singing and the agility to perform in certain sports, he was dynamite in fixing things and becoming a quick thinker. Ace became more and more of the person he was meant to become. Mom would tell me about Ace’s ability at a young age in second guessing situations, such as knowing when to open the door for others, what tools his father needed to fix items outside and what items to play with whenever he went to appointments and such.
I don’t remember Ace being able to really do things on his own. I had to take over the role as being older, which was ironic to say the least. As I mentioned, I had glaucoma and photophobia. I am visually handicapped, which opens the door to possible viewing problems. So, it was a wonder whenever Ace and I went on our adventures, nothing bad ever happened, except for one time.

Mom was a little picking us from swimming practice held at a local park. She was determined that Ace was going to learn to swim no matter how many beginning classes he had to take. As for myself, I learned the first go-round and quickly moved into competitive swim.

Since Mom was late, we decided to walk over to the nearby swings. No sooner had Ace sat down to swing, about eight boys had targeted him. Sometimes, kids can be quite mean to others who are different. One of the boys decided to punch Ace in the face for no apparent reason than just to see what would happen. Well, I knew I was no match for these boys, but I knew how to lie! There was a big man coming towards us and I told those boys that was our daddy and they were going to get it! The boys took off like the wind!

Mom noticed in April 2007, how pink her gums were. Well, obviously spirulina (NOW Foods/ was working. It certainly had done a miracle on her gums! Mom had an ongoing battle with gingivitis and had experienced two deep cleanings. Her gum disease was gone!

One of the most happiness times of my life was when I heard my parents and Ace laughing about something they’d seen on television. Ace never laughed like that! He was never able to understand humor! It warmed my heart to see Ace fitting right in. I’m glad you’re back, Big Bro!

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