React Native is one of the most popular frameworks these days. Mobile interference in the web world has promulgated the rich avatar of the apps. More and more mobile app development companies are using the famous React Native for web development. 

This guide takes you on the tour of React native while giving you an introduction of what is React Native, its benefits for IT company, and the useful tools used by web development companies.

This guide is for enthusiastic startups that are looking to develop an app that may go timeless and return seamless performance on all devices. Spend amount on outsourcing or hire iOS developer is costlier option for startups. Being a Startup, it is essential to choose the right technology stack that may give speed and efficiency in the superior tasks. Let’s understand the nitty-gritty of app development with React Native.

What is React Native?

React Native is the famous JavaScript framework for mobile app development, now prevalent among website development companies. 

In other terms, React Native is the popular JS mobile app framework. The framework allows the iOS and android app development company to build a fully-featured mobile app for android and iOS. React Native framework allows creating the application for different platforms without demanding change in c0de. The same code works for different devices. 

The react native framework was launched in 2015 by the Facebook team. Since then the framework has changed the perspective of cross platform apps with its capabilities. React Native allows creating the breathtaking UX and building an interactive app. Developers can create easier, faster, and low-priced apps. 

The framework was introduced by Facebook in 2015 and so far continues to rapidly grow among mobile application development companies.

Here is a statistical trend of popularity:

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Over the years, React Native has seen immense growth while imparting the distance between website development services and mobile apps. The fantastic idea of the Facebook development team is a success and now the framework has gained huge momentum. 

Let’s have a look at the success of React Native through Github projects:

In 2016:

  1. 14th ranked repository with 1000 contributors.

  3. 120 releases.
  4. 8000 commits in 45 branches.


In 2019:

  1. 7th ranked repository with 2000 contributors.

  3. 320 releases.
  4. 17500 commits in 87 branches.

Why should you choose React Native for your startup?

The native apps are always considered better. The classic way of mobile application development was native, where platform-specific languages are used with some attractive UI. For many years, Native mobile app development has been there as a king of the market, because all alternative app development options were having any sort of disadvantages in terms of performance.
The next-generation mobile apps by website development companies demand powerful performance. Hybrid apps are no success here and native apps are old methods, can be called reliable for android app development companies.

React Native eliminated the fear of performance deterioration over different platforms. The powerful framework allows building the cross-platform application with the optimum performance. The advantages increase with the reduced cost and early releases. However, there are few more limitations with React native, which are under surgery. 

Let’s understand the benefits of React Native for your startup: 

Native functionality:

React Native apps are known for their native app-like performance. Usually, React Native developers cannot use the functionalities if API and library are not available for the FB framework. However, if you hire react native developer, getting the native features to your app is not impossible. Native developers can write the special modules or bridges, which can be utilized by the cr0ss platform app developer. 

Cross-platform development:

Winner in the cross platform industry segment, React native mitigates the concern of two separate apps for Android and iOS. Mobile application development company need not to hire an android or iOS developer separately with RN. The cross platform requirement of web development companies is satiated by React Native. 


React Native is a powerful tool for UI development, which looks amazing over different platforms. In clear words, Native developers follow the imperative approach for UI development where the sequence of actions is given. 
React Native follows the declarative programming approach, where the instructions are given without describing a specific flow. Therefore, React Native developers write less code and make early releases easier. 


Every app framework is first weighed over the performance. React Native offers cross platform applications development capabilities. Few reviews say that cross platform apps are less efficient in comparison to native apps. This is true up to an extent, but in practical terms, there is an insignificant difference in performance. 


Speed is still a concern for cross platform apps. If your app is small, nothing to worry about. But if your app is heavier, then a small mistake can impact the speed. Mobile app development companies need to look at this issue with cross platform programming. 


Updates are faster in React Native with a code push approach. As any update is done on JS, they are directly available to users upon the next release by IT companies. The app is perfect for A/B testing and you can fix bugs without letting users notice.  

Downsides of React Native

Similarly, there are few issues, talking which may go out of this context. There are some cases when you may to hire iOS developer or android team. Here are few issues: 

Size of the app:

A cross platform apps are always heavier than native. Combating this needs a bit extra effort for lightening the components. 


In animation, React Native suffers delays. This needs to be resolved by the RN team.  

Famous tools for React Native

For web development companies, working over cross platform apps, react-native tools give a great entry point. Here are some popular tools offering great development.

  1. Visual Studio Code
  2. Android Studio
  3. XCode
  4. Redux
  5. React Native Debugger
  6. React Navigation
  7. React Native CLI
  8. React Native Tool

How much does it cost?

For startups, the app development cost is a major point of concern. Development cost differs from project to project.

Also, the features of an app deviate from the cost structure of a similar app. However, we can take a rough estimate for your startup project as per survey from website development service provider, and that can help you.

For Eastern Europe, the hourly rate of the developer is $40 per hour, whereas, for developers from the USA or West Europe, the hourly cost of coders goes higher. 

Giving a rough estimate the cost of a cross-platform react native app development by a decent mobile app development company can be between $15000 and $50000.


Now, looking at the article, React Native is not an alien thing for you. The FB initiative can be understood as a tempting chance for better cross-platform apps. The core benefit you reap out is the optimum performance over different platforms and native-like capabilities. Also, for startups, faster releases are important and relieve overload. Overall, react native app is a growing framework for futuristic apps, which can leverage your startup.

Author's Bio: 

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprise