“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

- Og Mandino, 1923-1996, American Motivational Author and Speaker


Together, we have embarked upon a path designed to help you identify your purpose in life. For some, this task can be quite difficult. For others, it is fairly easy. Why has this most important task proven to be easier for some and not for others ? This is because some of us refuse to let the mere fact that a task is difficult, stop us from attempting and ultimately completing that task.

Rather than calling such tasks difficult, I would prefer to call them complex or a new challenge.

Personally, I feel I’ve tried to accomplish many things during my lifetime, and I’ve been successful at quite a few of them. Of all the things I’ve accomplished, letting go of fear and trusting others, by far, has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks for me. I’m sure there are people who have seen me over the years who can not understand how I allowed myself to be controlled by fear and lack of trust.

I have come to believe the reason it took me so long to deal with this difficult mindset was I believed that living in fear helped to protect me from any and all danger perceived as being real. It was only when I began to follow the advice of a spiritual director, I was able to do something about this difficult thought process. For the past few years, I was guided and taught to trust my inner self and to monitor my thoughts especially, the fearful ones. As I started to recognize these fearful thoughts, I started to let go and trust in what the universe had to offer. I have felt less fearful of trying new things that I previously thought were difficult. I am better able to check my fears with objective and logical reasoning and positive thoughts. It has taken and will continue to take time to overcome some of these fears I find difficult, but it is well worth every effort.

There are many other things I’ve accomplished in my life that others may see as being quite difficult. Among these accomplishments was pursuing a master’s degree in ministry at the age of 41. For two and a half years, I attended the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, California. Some acquaintances told me going back to school after so many years must be difficult, and that they could never do what I was doing.

While it was not the easiest thing I have ever done, it was not nearly as difficult as others were making it out to be. The difference was I believed going back to school was more of a challenge for me to accomplish and I enjoyed tremendously what I was learning. In effect, I attempted something others thought was difficult, by treating it as if it was easy or a fun challenge. That’s why I was able to accomplish this particular goal, and why others who see it as too difficult of a task to attempt, never will.

You can accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish, as long as you believe it is possible, and within the realm of what you are either willing to do, or what you believe you are capable of doing. As we walk this journey together, I hope you will be doing some of the exercises and thinking about the many things you will accomplish. Some of these tasks you may find difficult and some of which you may find easy.

What you must remember is that you can accomplish anything, no matter how difficult, if you treat it as if it were easy and a fun challenge. You must also remember that you can sabotage yourself and make it much harder to do things, even easy ones, if you treat them as if they were difficult. If you follow this advice, you will find you are capable of doing practically anything you can imagine.

To Your Success and Prosperity,

P.S.- What two questions would you like to ask me? What is your biggest frustration or concern? Leave a comment below and I will try to answer them.

Practice Change

Think of a difficult task you need to accomplish. Now imagine the task as being easy and a fun challenge. Continue to look at the task through a “different set of lenses” (i.e., perspectives) until you see it as something exciting or challenging to do.

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