The definition I recently found for a coat hanger was a device around which a garment is draped for hanging from a hook or rod. Well simple though this sounds, the humble coat hanger comes in many guises and serves many uses within that definition.

As an invention it is attributed to Albert J Parkhouse in 1903. Arriving at his place of work – a company called Timberlake & Sons, he realized there was no space for him to hang his coat and hat, so from a basic piece of wire he bent it into 2 opposite ended hoops and twisted these at the centre to form a hook. Unfortunately for him companies were allowed to take out a patent on employees’ inventions so he did not profit from what we now know as the coat hanger.

People sometimes find that hanging up their trousers means they end up in a pile on the bottom of the wardrobe, so make sure you choose a hanger that prevents this. They need to be either non-slip, or have a locking bar or clips to stop this happening. With so many varieties available it can be hard to choose. Space can often be the deciding factor however! I’ve recently gone through various space saving options for your wardrobe, and a space saving trouser hanger will keep your wardrobe organized and make the best use of limited space.

I like to think he would be happy to know how useful it has proved to be and how many variations it is now available in! Such as wooden hangers, huggable hangers, lingerie hangers, space saving hangers, wire hangers, metal hangers, satin hangers, children’s hangers, padded hangers, overdoor hangers…. to name but a small selection! Whatever type of hanger you are looking for however, you would be hard pressed to find a wider selection than ours! So many in fact that I want to go through each variety in several articles and what is particular to each type.

Let’s start with The Huggable Hanger. A real customer favourite, it is now available in more colours especially for Summer!With Candy Pink, Navy Blue, Purple, Cool Grey and Citrus in the range, we know how popular these brilliant hangers are because you keep telling us how much you like them! So you’ll be glad to know with these great new additions we have more than ever.

The name conjures up images of comfort and the hangers live up to this image with their Special Flocked Non-Slip coating to stop your clothes falling off and taking up less of your valuable wardrobe space being ultra thin!

There is something for everyone in this range with the 4 Bar Non-Slip Huggable Trouser Hanger measuring 45cms wide, 43cm high & only 5mm wide!

The Shirt/Tops Huggable Hangers are proving very popular. Measuring 42cm wide & 23cm high, they are the ultimate ultra thin spacesaving hanger, ideal for shirts and tops with a tie / belt bar and extra hook.

And now they are at an even lower price, plus like many other products they can also be purchased in mulipcaks for an even great saving!

The Children’s Huggable Hangers and Non-Slip Suit Huggable Hangers complete this huggable range. They are now available in Taupe and Deep Pink as well as Black and Shocking Pink.

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