There is nothing wrong with doing what works for you. In fact that probably a good idea. What is not so beneficial is closing off to new ideas. Personal growth is something that should be strived for daily. It allows listneing to fresh and new concepts, and get the mind into discovery modes. The brain loves that. It's the reason we send children to school to grow as well as learn.

Many business people make it a habit to learn new things, go to seminars, and yes be coached. Just like an athlete improvement not not happen by sitting idle. When new ideas or ways of thinking are put in front of these business people, writers, professionals, or anyone a thousand innovative ways come into being. It is giving the mind new information that can be used ofr wach journey no matter what a person does. It keeps people from getting stagnant and that's why they do it.

Personal growth is recognizing the avenues that will keep you on the road you wish to be on. It helps in keeping a balance to life and it often keeps the mind sharp. It can assist in growing the business, in learning new things, in discovering more about yourself, and in finding what works for you. Mostly I see it as finding the ways to balance life with it never being all about one thing whether that is business or studies for example. Instead it is knowing what is best for you with allowing the fun stuff to be in there also.

Personal growth can happen everyday if we don't get stuck in that one way is the best way. Even if something works, a slight change could even make that easier. It is asking the question now and then, how can I be better? It does people a service to seek out ways to accomplish personal growth in different areas of life. It is also wanting to grow and making a conscious effort to be open to this. For a lifetime we should be willing to and want to grow.

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