They’re the three words no guy wants to hear:

It isn’t working…

While modern views on masculinity may be changing, it’s still hard - or not, as the case may be - for men to disconnect their sense of self worth from the struggle to achieve or maintain an erection.

What use is a man without his manhood, right?

Often caused by emotional, mental, or physical issues, erectile dysfunction doesn’t discriminate. While the stats may highlight difficulties ‘getting the job done’ are more prevalent with age - some 40% of men in their 40’s and 70% of men in their 70’s - men young and old are destined to hear those words at some point in their life.

Recognising the issue is one thing, but treating is another thing entirely. Poking? Prodding? Pulling? Oh my! No wonder some 60% of men refuse to visit their GP, instead letting those issues below the belt go by undiagnosed.

Guys, it’s time to find a better way. Forget any notions you may have had about slicing, or dicing...down there. It just so happens there are several natural options available that can help you put the ‘function’ back in your erectile dysfunction, some of which we’re exploring today.

1. Get ‘Up’ & Get Active

If getting it up is an issue, then getting up and active might be the solution! Studies show that men with a 42” waist are 50% more likely to suffer from ED than those closer to 32”.

If that isn’t a convincing argument for swapping those slippers for a pair of sneakers, we don’t know what is! In fact, studies have shown that exercise plays a big part in helping prevent - as well as reverse - the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

The question remains Not everyone is suited to regular trips to the gym, intense workouts, or long-distance running. But that doesn’t mean you should simply accept your newfound celibacy as a life sentence. Far from it, in fact!

Instead, try:

  • Adding a walk to your daily schedule, and extending the length by a few minutes each week.
  • Heading to your local swimming pool and doing a few laps before or after work.
  • Looking for a local sports club and joining an amateur team.

No matter your body shape or level of fitness, there’s a supportive, friendly environment that’s right for you just around the corner. One that’ll help you get your blood pumping in more ways than one...

2. Test For Low T & Supplement Your Way To A Healthier Sex Life

Testosterone. It’s the manliest of manly hormones. This muscle building, sex-drive stimulating hormone is usually in no short supply, but if you find your libido is missing in action you could well be suffering from low levels of this super important sex hormone.

As it turns out, hormone levels - including testosterone - start declining in your early 20’s. Bummer, right? It isn’t till you hit those fantastic 40’s that this fall starts to adversely affect you, your health, and your manhood.

And yet...combine this with general neglect of your body over the years via a poor diet, excess weight, or one too many stress-induced cigarettes, and you might start to see these signs and symptoms presenting themselves far earlier than expected.

If you’re unsure, ditch Dr Google and instead make an appointment with your local GP or Hormone Doctor. They’ll carry out blood tests before creating a personalized testosterone replacement plan that’ll help restore your testosterone to its sexual peak.

While you’re getting a check-up, consider asking your doctor about natural supplements that can support your sex drive over the medium- and long-term. Sure, Viagra’s great and all...but that little blue pill is hardly a long-term solution.

Instead, search out long-term supplements that rely on clinically-backed, natural ingredients. No mommy and daddy time medical mumbo jumbo here. Compare your options - TESTO or Herbal Ignite are a few examples - pick the right one, and you’ll boost your libido and sexual!

3. Saute, Stir Fry, & Sizzle Between The Sheets

How’s that saying go?

You are what you eat”?

Ok, so ‘sexy’ may not be an item on most menus, but that doesn’t mean getting back to business doesn’t start on the store shelf. In fact, there are more than a few libido boosting foods you can add to your weekly meal plan that’ll help spice things up in and out of the bedroom.

It doesn’t take a sexual rocket scientist to know that a diet of fried, fatty, or processed foods is bad for your body and blood circulation. If the food’s affecting your heart, body, and blood can bet it’s adversely affecting your erections.

If you’re wanting to bring sexy back, get the blood pumping with some healthier foods. Yes, oysters are a common aphrodisiac, but try and take it a step further with fruits, vegetables, healthy fats like nuts *wink wink*, fish, and red wine. Among others!

Let’s be ‘Straight Up’ with Erectile Dysfunction here

The measure of a man shouldn’t depend on his manly measurements, but an inability to perform where it matters most can still lead to anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. If you want your libido, energy, and erections back, you’re going to have to put in the work.

Get more sleep, quit smoking, cut down on those after-work beersies and tackle the rest of the items on this list, and you’ll be well on your way to impressing your date or maintaining your long term relationships. And your erections!


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