In case you haven’t already heard the eye-popping news, La spa Therapie Malahide (one of only a handful of salons in Ireland) now offer HD Brows, the ultimate high definition brow-shaping beauty treatment.

We’ve already been raving about HD Brows on this blog, giving you a run down on what this treatment involves and why the HD brow look is becoming a total beauty must have.

Now, we’d like to take you a little further into the world of HD Brows by revealing the seven steps to the HD Brow technique.

Step One – Preparation & Assessment

During the initial consultation your HD stylist analyses your face shape and eyebrow requirements and together you decide which brow shape will best suit your personality, your style and your facial features.

Step Two – Tinting

A high definition tint is used to even out or darken your eyebrow colour accordingly.

Step Three – Waxing

A specially blended HD wax is used to painlessly and precisely remove unwanted hair from the brow area.

Step Four – Trimming

Specialised HD scissors are used to trim back long, wiry and unruly hairs to create a neat and tidy brow line.

Step Five – Threading

Threading, the ancient Eastern art of hair removal, involves using a special thread to blend hairs into the brow area, precisely removing unwanted hairs from the brow, creating a streamlined look.

Step Six – Tweezing

Any stray leftover hairs are tweezed out to perfect your HD brow.

Step Seven – Finish

The treated skin is wiped down with a soothing lotion, hair follicles are closed using a skin calming tonic, and special mineral powders are applied to the area to calm and camouflage any redness. The HD Brow Beater wand then sets the hairs into place for an immaculate finish. Your stylist then either uses a HD Brow pencil or HD eyebrow palette to fill in any gaps in the brows. Finally, your HD stylist will give you individual advice on after care at home.

HD Brows founder, Nilam Patel, says her revolutionary brow shaping technique can truly transform your look. “You can create a huge difference to the face,” Nilam says. “You can change someone’s features; almost look like you’ve given them a bit of a face lift by having a decent arch in their brow.”

If you want to get the HD Brow look for yourself, get in touch with us at La Spa and make an appointment.

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