HDMI stands for High definition multimedia interface. When you use a HDMI cable along with your home theatre, you are promised of a superior experience compared to the standard analog cable connections like S-video, composite and component video. The cable provides an interface between any audio/video sources be it a DVD player, A/V monitor or a home theater. It is a user friendly connector that can enable you to enjoy superior digital audio /video quality. Here we will consider the rules you need to consider while purchasing the HDMI cables, so you can enjoy crystal clear audio and crisp image quality.

Customers who have recently bought a HDTV or a home theatre also purchase a HDMI cable. The most sensible way to go about purchasing the cable is to visit the nearest electronics store and buy the first cable that one sets eyes on . The fact is that the price range of the cables can vary from as low a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. Many of you might wonder about this large scale price variation. Most of us are also bound to think that the costlier cables must definitely have superior features.

The first rule to consider is to not consider the price! People who have researched this topic suggest that we can safely ignore cables over 10 dollars. The reason, experts say, is simple. These cables are basically in place to send bits of information between the different devices. This information is in form of a string of zeros and ones. And that is basically what goes in the cables. So the price of the cable is actually quite irrelevant. The important thing is that it should reliably send these 1s and 0s where they are supposed to go.If you purchase from a reliable brand name you will get a functional cable that is affordable and also does its job sincerely.

You also need to ignore cables that are gold plated-that is in fact the second rule to consider when you purchase a cable. The reason being that gold plating does not alter the quality of the picture but definitely raises the price of the cable. The only advantage of the gold plated cables is that they last longer, so if this factor is important to you, you can go ahead with the investment.

The third rule is the length of cable is going to increase its price. Standard variety of the cable is approximately 6 feet in length.Experts suggest purchasing shorter cables so there is less tangling of wires behind the HDTV. Do not worry- the shorter size is in no way, going to affect the picture quality.

Sales reps will try to sell you different versions of the HDMI . You should know that the latest version of the cable is the HDMI 1.4. Using this knowledge you should shop confidently for any cable of HDMI 1.4.

When you have all the necessary knowledge regarding these rules of consideration, your purchase of the HDMI cables will be an easier task. This cable is sure to give you many advantages like enhanced picture and sound quality for an amazing home theater experience with your brand new HDTV.

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