He Won't Talk To Me After Breakup: Why My Ex Boyfriend Ignores Me Completely

Having your relationship end is heartbreaking enough, but when your ex refuses to speak to you, this is really devastating. No matter how hard you try, you are met with a brick wall. There are very good reasons why your ex won't talk to you, and there are definitely things that you can do that will solve this problem.

When you and your ex broke up, you had this massive argument. While you were screaming at each other, you said some really awful things to your ex - things that hurt very badly. Also, some of those things made your ex really furious with you. It's a combination of these things that is why your ex won't talk to you.
If it were anyone else who said that thing to your ex, it would be easy to handle - your ex would simply forget all about that person. However, it was you who said them - the very person that your ex is deeply in love with. This changes the whole situation completely.

Your ex can't just forget about you, because he/she still loves you. The thing is that those hurtful things you said really dug deep, and your ex needs some time to get over that hurt, as well as the anger. Your ex's rampant emotions are why your ex won't talk to you right now.

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It's really easy to fix this problem - just leave your ex entirely alone for now. Give your ex the space he/she needs to think things over very carefully, in his/her own time. Eventually your ex will come to realize that you only said those things in anger, and didn't really mean them.

If you want to speed up the process a bit, send your ex a message, email, or better still, a card. Say that you know that you acted like a real jerk and will do whatever it takes to make your ex understand that you did not mean a word of what you said. Of course, don't forget to tell your ex that you love him/her with all your heart.

While your ex is thinking about that terrible argument, he/she will also be thinking about what you have said in your message. It is very likely that your message will win. The sincerity of your message will help to make the pain and anger disappear, and there will be no more reasons as to why your ex won't talk to you.

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When you're gambling with a relationship, you can do everything in your power to make it work but sometimes the fact remains that you were just dealt crummy cards. Much like splitting 10's in Blackjack can have you feeling like you were punched in the gut it doesn't compare to the feeling of splitting with someone you once loved.

Step 1: Hit On 20: Basically, after a breakup you should get a little wild. You don't necessarily have to become a closet alcoholic but having fun and doing some clubbing is a great way to blow off frustration and let off some steam.

Step 2: Good Deal: Alter your perception of the breakup and don't think of it as a prison sentence. This is your chance to see other people and reconnect with friends. Plus, a great way to get your ex back if that's the plan is to appear unaffected by the split.

Step 3: Face It: "Who's the person in all those pictures on your wall?"
"Oh, that's my ex from high school."
"But...you're 47 years old!"
The best way to deal with a breakup is to face the fact that you're indeed not a couple anymore. There's no way around the pain so the sooner you start to acknowledge the split, the quicker you can heal.

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Step 4: Accept It: "We're just on a break. A...29 year break." Dealing with a breakup means counting your losses and moving on. You most likely can't play poker all night if you repeatedly get dealt 2's and 7's so it's time to move on to a different game.

Step 5: Learn & Leave: Think of your breakup as a lesson in life instead of a knife in the back. You did some things right and some things wrong and now's the time to fine-tune your positive traits and improve on your negative qualities. Each relationship is a stepping-stone so that your last partnership is your best one.

Step 6: Don't Be Scarred: Not all potential boyfriends or girlfriends spend their weekly paycheck at the horse track 27 minutes after receiving it. If you meet somebody new, don't bring your fears with you. This is a new person and a whole new relationship you're dealing with and don't blame your new beau for faults of your past exes.

Step 7: Don't Hate The Dealer: As much as you hate the dealer for turning up a blackjack when you had your entire bankroll on the table, they're just playing the cards. Likewise, you'll have a better chance of dealing with a breakup if you drop the hostility towards your ex and simply have the attitude that, "Hey, it didn't work out."

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Most women who go through breakups tend to ask their friends for advice on how to get their ex boyfriends back. Unfortunately, other women only want what's best for their friends; so, if you ask your friends for advice in this matter, then they will most probably only end up lying and making up stories to make you feel better.

Some of your friends might tell you to make your ex boyfriend jealous, for example, or to tell him exactly how you feel. These bits of advice will not help you get your ex boyfriend back, though. If you really want to get your ex boyfriend back, all you really have to do is send out effective text messages. Here are some texts that you can try sending him:

1. "Have you seen the new Spiderman movie yet?"

Although it would be highly advisable to avoid texting your ex altogether after a breakup or at least limit your texts to him, this may not come easy to you. So, if you think that you really need to send him a text or your mind will never rest, send him something neutral like this one. The key here would be not to show him that you are desperate for his attention or want to get back together with him.

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2. "I was at Starbucks yesterday.

Have you tried their new drink yet? I think you'll love it!" Once in a relationship, couples tend to get too comfortable and then they end up changing. they become a bit more selfish or give up too much and end up resenting the other person. If this is why you broke up, then you need to take some time off and think about how you've changed in your relationship. If you see some major changes, then try to decide whether you were happier with yourself before or with yourself now. Then, text him the way you would have when he fell for you to begin with. This is sure to help you get your ex boyfriend back in no time.

3. "It would be nice to meet up and catch up sometime."

The most important thing to remember if you want to get your ex boyfriend back through text would be not to get emotional. Before you text him, always make sure you are thinking clearly and phrase your words properly, as well. Don't sound desperate or pushy, either; otherwise, he might just ignore you altogether.

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You spend your days worrying about your ex, and whether he/she has totally forgotten you. You fear that your ex may be dating someone else, and this makes you crazy with jealousy. You wonder what your ex is doing, and wish that he/she was there with you right now. Well, well, well....you spend so much time thinking about your ex, that you actually have no time to think about your actions! Now, that is exactly why you still have not gotten your ex back, because you see it is all about self control! As long as you can control yourself, your ex will not be running away from you anymore.....

The very first things you must know before anything else, is exactly the kind of behavior that ruins your chances, and sadly enough, the chances are that you have probably done one or all of these...

----Arguing with your ex- this just makes your ex find counter arguments which further assert his/her idea that the breakup was a good thing.

----Calling your ex, emailing your ex, or trying to contact your ex excessively- it makes your ex think you are desperate.

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----Acting as if your life is going to end without your ex- This makes your ex believe fully that you are in fact pathetic. All your ex wants is that you can show that you can stand on your own two feet in hardship.

----Trying to blackmail your ex- This means you threaten him/her to harm either yourself or your ex, simply because they do not take you back. This will only make your ex pity you for a while, but will scare your ex into never wanting to be with you or around you ever again.

----Talking about your ex all the time to other people- Whether you have something good to say or not, either way, your ex will only think you are desperate.

So what is the solution to all of these issues? The solution is simple: ignore your ex. Once you do this, your ex will instantly feel rejected. The lack of attention will make your ex go crazy for you, and you will find your ex instantly seeking your attention afterward.

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