Heal Yourself Today & Everyday

We truly are magnificent beings of light with powers beyond our wildest imagination. It is beyond our wildest imagination because our present self image has been focused in the exact opposite direction. We think and believe in who we are not so the reality of who we really are is almost impossible for most of us to imagine. Our thoughts of being vulnerable, mortal and limited separate physical beings subject to the whims of our biology and society keeps us looking behind us every inch of the way rather than looking forward at the moon and the stars that all come from within our magnificent consciousness. Our power and might is so awesome because we are one with our creator and source. If we were separate we would indeed be feeble and mighty-less.
With this knowledge we can now think and believe in our own ability to heal ourselves through thought alone because thought is the most powerful force in the universe. On the next plane of existence, the mid-astral plane ,our thought is manifested instantly and all of our desires become reality. Here there is no need for jobs or money for these tools of our desires have become obsolete. On this material plane that we live in our thoughts are almost as powerful but with a delay in their manifestation. This delay is a learning tool that lets us change our minds if we decide that what we thought we wanted we really didn't. As long as we continue to think and intend that something is wanted and fully desired it will come into our reality sooner or later; simple things sooner than harder and more complex ones. The fact is however that they will come to be because we have the power of the son of God to make t hem come true(because we are the sons and daughters of the creator; this is what oneness is all about)
Every night before you go to bed and every morning when you awake be sure to think and repeat to yourself(many times) a few of the good and positive things you want and know will occur this day. When we do this the universe rushes to line up our good wishes and make them reality. Don't hope or wish them to be true but know that since you are one with the creator you already have them and now wait for them to be manifested into your dream. Say to yourself.."Today I am happy, joyful, healthy,safe and abundant". Say it over and over again to yourself and your day will be as you wish. Remember that YOU are in charge of your day dream, no one else is. You can either lead the way or let others influence you to such a negative degree that you allow yourself to become stuck in the mud of a million illusions. Do not let any question or other negative thought enter in. Know it beyond all doubt and it will occur. Know that in reality there is only 100% positivism, unconditional love, joy and happiness. These are the only creations that exist or ever have existed. Never doubt for a second for that only allows more doubt to be manifested .
Today we know that we are its co-creator. Believe and it will be so.

Author's Bio: 

RL VANWALDICK is a business professional for the past 30 years in upstate NY and author of the spiritual book, A Reversal of Thought, at www.areversalofthought.com