Music has a strange healing power – it can sometimes soothe you in stress or double up your joys, reduces the pain, and make you feel better, elevates your self-esteem, aids better self expression and even trigger physical rehabilitation.

It has thus many striking features to remove and reduce physical and psychological problems, which has been proved by many researchers. Due to its proven usefulness, it is also being promoted in medical therapy for cure of stress and spiritual healing after a physical or mental trauma.

If a song is motivational, with a positive theme, it surely triggers the will-power of the individual to recover at a faster pace and regain his energies to move on in life. Getting music help in recovery is thus a magical effect on an individual’s health.

Similarly, beauty is also a source of inspiration, which soothes a person from emotional and mental tension and enables all senses to rest and relax. Incorporating beauty as a theme of music can be of great help in relieving a person from his problematic health concerns.

It has been medically proved that music help is useful to sooth senses, by lowering brainwave activity and makes one to get connected to his spirit. This can further reduce blood pressure, if the music is soft and relaxing.

Many painful surgeries and medical proceedings like endoscopy and colonoscopy are believed to be less painful along with music therapy. Various music questions have risen to know whether it is exactly due to a lower brain activity or less heart rate experienced by a person listening to slow music.

We know that, certain frequencies exhibited by singers, for instance eastern classical or western opera singers can break glasses. Medical Researchers are interested to know whether this phenomenon can be used to break kidney stones or not. If possible, this can be a very simple replacement for surgical methods employed for kidney stone removal. The broken stone can be eliminated via urine afterwards.

Music questions like these are a basis of many ultrasound technologies, which function to detect kidney stones till now. Thus, music is not just a source of entertainment, it bears several miraculous properties to heal and affect people in a variety of ways.

With such important effects associated, no one can deny importance of positive music in our lives. Culminating all, If we sensibly integrate music with our medical science industry, we can reach new horizons of health treatments, which are efficient than ever before.

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