Also referred to as the “Hall of Records” or the “Book of Life”, the Akashic Records are a giant energetic database of every person, place, or thing that has ever existed. It contains all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos, and as such, this “database” is infinite and unending. The Akashic Records are the most comprehensive existing source of information available to us today.

Each person, or rather their Soul, has a record there. All property has a record there, including your place of residence, your place of business, and even your car has a record there. Your animals have records there as well. Each record contains all information pertaining to their past experiences. It can give you a much deeper perspective on the effect that your past experiences are having on your current circumstances and daily lifestyle.

By having someone who specializes in Akashic Records Reading access your personal record in the Akashic Records, you can also research in more detail the source of any issue you are having or that you have not yet been able to solve and find out where it truly began. The source can be anything from past experiences in this lifetime, or those before it, that you may still be carrying negative energy from. Additionally, while still in your record, clearing can be conducted to release the negative energy directly from the source where it is stored.

Utilizing the Akashic Records in this way is one of the most powerful ways to conduct healing in existence today because you are going straight to the “source” of the problem and clearing it away directly where it is stored.

How can our Spirit Guides help in this process?

We each have a team of somewhere between 4 and 6 Spirit Guides that we “hire” starting when we are born until we are in our 20’s. Each one of our guides specializes in a different area and we have a “spokesperson” who speaks for the entire team, relaying input to us from the other team members. As an example, if one of our special skills is healing, we will most likely have a guide that will help us fulfill that part of our purpose and bring in that energy very strongly in our lives.

Our Spirit Guides are collectively well-versed in many areas and can tell us how to create the circumstances we desire in our life. They have a very unique and much broader perspective on our circumstances that can add much value for us and make our daily lives MUCH easier. Not only do they see things from a group perspective with input from anywhere between 4 to 6 guides, depending on the number we have, but they also have the unique ability to give us input from the many lifetimes and experiences they have both seen and experienced themselves. Imagine what kind of value their spiritual guidance and healing wisdom can bring to your daily life and the decisions you make.

They help you manifest your desires and improve your manifestation and creation process by carrying your requests to Spirit and Higher Powers to be answered for your benefit. Working with them during our creation process is essential for us, whether that is simply through accessing their guidance or asking for their help. They are aware of our chosen life purpose and can light the way for us to see opportunities that we might otherwise have missed so that we can fulfill that purpose.

And what about our Higher Self?

Our Higher Self, on the other hand, can give us another unique perspective that is quite often overlooked. It holds all the knowledge about the purpose we came here to fulfill and just how we intended to fulfill it. It is the aspect of ourselves that is our Soul, and sees things from a much higher perspective, thus we refer to it as the Higher Self. It contains all the knowledge of our collective experiences throughout all of the lifetimes we have lived. It is the part of us that has chosen it’s soul path and soul purpose and how that will be experienced in this lifetime in the form of a life purpose.

Your Higher Self is where you seek guidance on issues pertaining to how you can more fully experience yourself and fulfill your life purpose. This is so important because the level at which we fulfill our purpose is directly related to the level of happiness and abundance we experience in this life, as expressing who we are at Soul-level is the way in which we fulfill our path and purpose here in this life.

How do these sources work together?

When wisdom from all of these sources is combined, the effect it can have on us is both profound and life-changing. Multiple spiritual perspectives on our issues can help give us the guidance we need to make decisions and take actions we could not have prior to seeking assistance from the spiritual plane. And by seeking more than one perspective at once, we will be offered more ideas than if we only consulted with one source, just as if we consulted with more than one “expert” here in the physical.

By consulting with all three sources at the same time, we can receive three very unique perspectives on any issue to complete the picture and show us what we are too blind to see from where we are standing. Surprisingly, much of the overall guidance will be the same, but there is usually different information pertaining to the outcome that one has to offer that might have been missed by another one, simply because it is not their area of expertise, so to speak.

Can we have too much guidance?

In some situations, yes. In this instance, however, no. The reason why is that the sources of guidance I have mentioned here truly have our best interests at heart, and their intent is only to help us understand ourselves better at a deeper level and to help us create the outcome we desire to see in our lives. We simply can’t go wrong with these sources of spiritual guidance and information. Even still, coordinating the information from all three sources is the important thing here, as well as knowing what questions to direct at which source of information. That’s why it’s important to utilize someone who is well trained in obtaining spiritual guidance through the process of channeling and also in knowing what questions to ask.

Author's Bio: 

Sallie M. Keys is a certified Soul Realignment and Usui Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner, with training in Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, 21st Century Energy Medicine with Deborah King, The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and Sandra Anne Taylor's Quantum Life Coaching. She is also studying the field of medical intuition and intuitive counseling more in depth to broaden the basis of her abilities as widely as possible, and has worked actively at developing all of her intuitive abilities - clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience - to give her clients the very best experience possible.

She helps clients identify the source of health, financial, emotional, and relationship issues, see profound shifts in consciousness, and major movement toward goals and dreams after only ONE session.

You can learn more about Sallie's energy healing and artwork on her website at