They say you are what you eat, and this old adage couldn’t be any truer. Not only does your diet affect your overall health, it also affects your oral health. Most of us know which foods to avoid in order to keep our teeth and mouths healthy. But, did you know that there are also certain foods that you should be eating that will promote good dental health? Here are some of those foods.


If you love cheese, you are in luck, because it is an excellent way to promote oral health. It helps to raise the pH in your mouth, which in turn will reduce your risk of tooth decay. Also, the chewing action increases saliva in your mouth, which is also a deterrent for decay. Cheese is loaded with nutrients, including calcium and protein, which are both needed to keep teeth strong and healthy.


Here is another dairy product that is great for dental health. It is also high in calcium and protein, and it contains probiotics (helpful bacteria) that can help to keep your gums healthy. It is best to eat plain yogurt that does not contain any sugar, which is going to have the reverse effect on the health of your teeth over time. If you must have something additional in your yogurt, add some chopped apples.

Leafy Greens

Everyone should include leafy greens in their diets. They are loaded with nutrients that our bodies need, and they are also good for promoting oral health. Most leafy greens, such as kale, are high in calcium, and they contain folic acid which can help treat gum disease in pregnant women.


When you want a sweet treat, instead of reaching for sugary candy, reach for a box of raisins. They do not contain any sucrose, which helps bacteria stick to the teeth. “Raisins are loaded with phytochemicals, can actually help to kill plaque bacteria that causes cavities. There are also other compounds in raisins that help to keep bacteria from growing, and reduce your risk of developing gum disease,” says an expert from Cosmetic Dentistry Center.


Most sweet foods are not good for your teeth, because they contain sugar. But, there are foods that are naturally sweet and delicious, and promote good dental health. Apples are a great example. Eating an apple is a lot like brushing your teeth. It helps to create saliva, which rinses bacteria from the mouth, and the texture of the fruit helps to stimulate your gums.


Here is a food that is loaded with fiber, and can help to reduce the risk of tooth decay. They are crunchy like apples, so they help to clean your teeth as you chew, and they are an awesome source of vitamin A. Enjoy snacking on raw baby carrots without worrying about tooth decay, because it will prevent it. As with other crunchy foods, the chewing action will produce mouth-cleaning saliva.


Because you want to include foods in your diet that are high in calcium and protein, but you also want something tasty to munch on, you should be eating lots of almonds. In addition to containing these nutrients, they are low in sugar (don’t get candy coated nuts that will actually cause tooth decay).


Black and green teas contain polyphenols, which can help to slow down the growth of the bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Rinsing your mouth with black tea for one minute, 10 times daily, can help to reduce the amount of plaque buildup, and the stickiness of the plaque will also be reduced.

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Jane Hurst, writer from San Francisco. Find her on Twitter!