There are situations when people have to face death due to high cholesterol even it is found that some people are not aware of the reason for their death. It is seen that percentage of death due to high level of cholesterol is more than any other cause of death. And the most vital reason for this is, unawareness of people regarding their cholesterol level. Many people have the habit of eating foods that do carry a lot of cholesterol and by the time they are aware of the fact everything is over. Since life is precious for all and it is the most wonderful gift that god has gifted people so, if you are having high cholesterol level it is necessary that you should go for regular checkup and maintain an appropriate level of cholesterol to be healthy. Increase in the cholesterol level will result to damage and clotting of your arteries. Therefore it is necessary to prevent high cholesterol and for that you need to have a healthy diet comprising fruits, vegetables and grains maintain health as these foods contain 0% cholesterol.

Often it is heard people died due to heart attack. The symptoms of heart attacks includes coughing, discomfort when lying down, rapid heart action, blueness of the skin and lips, swelling of the legs and fatigued. You might have heard more than hundred times about the term heart attack but did you ever tried to know about the causes of heart attacks? Then this article will help you to know about the reasons for heart attack. The first and the for most reason is cholesterol that plays a big role and id considered as one of the causes of attacks increase in the level of cholesterol narrows the artery and restricts the amount of blood that can flow through it. Plaque formation may be another cause, when the plaque ruptures a small blood cloth can form within the blood vessels and accurately block the blood flow or blood supply. Narrowing of arteries by means of cholesterol plaque is the most often causes for heart attacks. This is particularly known as coronary artery disease. You should not ignore if you are facing any problems related to heart because your ignorance can lead to death if you do not give importance to it.

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High cholesterol is the most important cause for heart attack, to overcome disease related to heart and get curable answers for your problems get in touch with best heart center in Singapore.