A lot of people talk about their desire to meet their soul mate, their other half, or the right one. Whatever terminology is used the meaning is basically the same. You want to meet that special person who is your perfect partner.

I happened to watch a dating program on the television where Patti, the millionaire matchmaker, put herself into the hands of her staff to find her own perfect partner. Interestingly, she took advice from her psychic first who stressed that for Patti to allow herself to fall in love she first had to allow herself to become vulnerable.

This is an interesting and very valid point. Many very successful people in business are used to wearing their business persona and are very comfortable in that space. It can be difficult to step outside from a comfortable space into unfamiliar territory, especially one in which you feel vulnerable.

Success in business all too often involves a degree of mental and emotional toughness. Success in love more often requires openness and softness of both mind and emotions. To approach dating with a toughened business attitude is thus quite likely to fail.

By this I do not mean the way in which you choose to meet someone. You can approach that aspect of dating in a business like sense. You have to find a way in which to meet someone and using a matchmaker or a dating website makes very good sense. But once you get to meet that potential partner, either on or offline, you have to leave the toughened part of you behind and become open to emotional vulnerability.

It could be said that you have to become the right person to be able to meet the right person. If you do not reveal the real you then how would it be possible to create a connection with the right person for you? Perhaps I should take this one step further. You have to know the real you and live the life of the real you in order to meet the right person for you.

This doesn't mean that you have to give up business success for love. The two can easily be achieved so long as you know who you are in both arenas and develop your personality in each area of your life.

If you are emitting false messages about yourself you will attract the wrong type of person, one who is interested in the false you. You have to be yourself to attract Mr. or Mrs. Right, and to be yourself you have to know yourself well and be comfortable being the person you really are.

If you have gotten into a situation whereby you are in possession of a long list of failed relationships it is perhaps time to ask yourself the question of whether you need to spend a little time becoming the right person to enable you to find the right person. Are you really ready for love? Are you really open to the vulnerability that love entails? Is the prize of love worth the price in vulnerability?

There are many things that one might be fearful of in the dating arena. Fear is the biggest barrier to success in everything. Most fears are in fact unfounded, hugely exaggerated or misplaced. Hypnosis can provide an easy way in which a person can examine and overcome his or her fears, build confidence and open his or her mind to realizing his or her dream of finding that previously elusive perfect partner.

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