Help Your Marriage Survive The Death Of A Child: Saving A Marriage Can Be Difficult After Losing A Child

Many people wonder what they need to do to be able to rebuild their marriage after the loss of a child. Losing a child can often cause a rift to form between a couple that can be hard to repair if both members are in an extreme state of grieving. The first step to being able to keep the marriage strong during the tough time is to seek the proper help.

The loss of a child is a pain that no one should ever have to endure. When it happens, the grief can be overwhelming and can easily cause someone to sink into a state of depression that can seem unbearable at times. Counseling is often a great way for someone to be able to learn how to handle the feelings that come with losing a child. A couple may want to have individual counseling, as well as, couples counseling.

During couples, counseling the couple will be able to learn what they can do to support each other. One person cannot be the rock for both members of the relationship. Everyone needs to be able to grieve when they lose someone that they love so dearly. When going through the stages associated with the grieving process, it is important for both members of the couple to do their best to try to support one another so that their marriage can stay strong.

Recovering from the loss will take time. Most couples are not able to continue with their daily routine after losing a child. It may take years before either member of the relationship is able to enjoy the things that they enjoyed before their child passed. Patience and dedication is needed if the marriage is going to be able to stay strong after the loss. Many couples find that dwelling on the situation only causes them to fight and blame one another for things that may have contributed to the loss of their child. This can cause things to be said that can never be forgiven. When someone is hurting horribly inside, it is important for them to remember that the person they married is there through good times and bad. They are there to support them, stand by them, and love them through the hard time. They need to be able to do the same for their spouse. Support can help someone get through even the toughest of times.

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Probably the most influential relationship in most people's lives is their marriage. Whether you are thriving in a happy marriage or suffering in an unhappy one, or simply existing in an apathetic one, your current and future life's happiness depends on your marriage relationship. No other aspect of your life will be quite as influential, in terms of your happiness and feeling of well being.

Therefore, we should take every opportunity to invest in our relationships and make our marriages the best that it can be. Many opportunities exist to improve your relationship: marriage education classes, articles to improve your relationship, marriage books, marriage counseling and relationship coaching.

Couples often do not take full advantage of these opportunities to invest in their marriage and their future happiness. If you want to have a happy, healthy relationship, you need to put the time, money and effort into it. This is not the time or place to skimp and economize! Believe me, this investment will be a lot less expensive than a divorce! Think of these opportunities as feeding and investing in your relationship and therefore in your future together.

Make a point of purchasing a marriage book and reading it together; make an appointment for relationship coaching, or sign-up for a marriage education class. Plan to do something for your relationship at least once a week. Learn new skills and commit to improving your interactions with each other. Investing in the future of your relationship will help to ensure the future health and happiness of your marriage and your personal future happiness.

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You might have wondered if online marriage coaches are really worth working with. After all, you're very used to seeing doctors, dentists, and even therapists in their offices and face-to-face, and the whole concept of seeking help through the Internet is fairly new. However, if you give it a try, you'll most likely find that it works every bit as well as, and usually better than, a consultation you have with a local. After all, one of the reasons so many people are doing more and more on the Internet these days is that it is so convenient, and certainly no one would prefer leaving their home in stormy or snowy weather when they could get the same service online. Online therapists are every bit as effective as you'd expect them to be.

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Anyone who has ever had marital difficulties knows that it can be hard to solve them unassisted. That's because no one is born knowing how to sustain a relationship over the long term. Marriages can run into financial troubles, disputes over children, infidelity, arguments, and eventually a breaking down of the strong bond that was there in the beginning. What couples fail to realize is that they would still have these problems, even if they had never married, because that's life. Still, they tend to blame each other for any hardship that befalls, negative feelings start to build, and communication breaks down. Without the help of a marriage coach, they may never find their way back together again.

You might tell yourself that all you want is a divorce. If you get rid of your spouse, you believe your life will automatically become better. Wrong! Unless you're financially well off, it's going to cost you more to live separately than it does to live together. Even though you felt your spouse was giving you the short shrift when it came to child care, all of the burden is going to fall on your shoulders after a divorce. By then you'll have realized that your spouse was actually helpful, even if it didn't show in obvious ways. By using an online therapist, you can discover these insights before a divorce even happens and work on techniques to strengthen and renew your relationship.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Are you interested in how to keep your Christian marriage going strong? What are some Christian marriage tips that you can apply in your own relationship? Are Christian marriage tips different from those for a regular marriage?

A Christian marriage is based in respect each other as well as being based on the word of God and The Bible. There are certain aspects of a Christian marriage that others may not follow, but any marriage can go through its rough patches. The good news is that there are numerous Christian marriage tips that you can follow to make sure that your marriage stays strong.


One of the most important Christian marriage tips is to take the time to pray together. The best time to do this is early in the morning before things get busy and the kids wake up. Take time to sit with each other and ask God to be with you both throughout the day. This will bring the two of you together as well as let you know what the day holds in store for your partner.

Read Together

Of course, this means that you shouldn't just read any old thing, but rather set aside time to read The Bible together. You can choose to do this once a day or once a week, but be sure to keep to the schedule. You may also choose to read a book of devotions as well. Be sure to read to each other and then spend a few minutes at the end in prayer.

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Make Decisions with Each Other

This doesn't mean trying to figure out what to wear on a particular day, but rather make sure that all major decisions are made together. Anything that is financially related, job related or involves a major life decision should be done together. In addition, talk regularly about such topics as finances so there are no surprises between the two of you. Make sure you agree on how to spend your money and where to put the savings. These mutual decisions will help to strengthen the bond that the two of you have. In addition, it will lead to even greater trust in the marriage.

Go to Church

This may seem like a basic Christian marriage tip, but it can be easy to start skipping church once you settle into a pattern with your relationship. Be sure to find a place of worship that you both enjoy and feel comfortable with. In addition, be sure it is one in which you feel that you can become part of its community.

Keep Dating

Be sure to keep the fun in your marriage by still dating each other. Many times, couples get into a routine after they have settled into a marriage and they forget to spend time with each other. In addition, the romance aspect can begin to wane especially after kids come into the picture. In order to keep this fire in your marriage be sure to take time to go out and have a nice dinner or plan a weekend away.

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