"Now that you are aware of the immensity that sweetness contains, I will give you a little help to express it.
Visualize putting small wings under your feet: this will make your walking light, harmonious, calm and conscious.
Visualize putting small wings on your hands: you will feel how nice it is to take and put back things with sweetness.
This will help you perceive how much everything is alive, it will allow you to receive the 'fragrance' that everything surrounding you can provide, it will help you give the delicacy and respect that everything requires.
Visualize putting these little wings on your breath: you will feel how your breath is a very subtle, impalpable, imperceptible energy.
Inspire and visualize within you this energy that with wings rises to the sky, exhale and observe how in its flow it becomes sweet, calm, natural.
Inhaling, you raise the energy, and exhaling you let it flow gently.
As you do this, remember that 'rising' and 'elevating' is part of your Soul's design, remember that 'rising' and 'elevating' is part of your task.
Visualize irradiating your eyes with your sweetness: they will become luminous, loving, tender and very expressive.
Visualize expressing sweetness through your smile: your smile will become reassuring, intense, welcoming, radiant.
Be aware of your vibrations and wrap them with sweetness: they will become very high, they will be calm and sweet, they will emanate peace, serenity, calm and joy.
When you touch, visualize giving the energy of sweetness: your touch will be delicate, neutral, respectful, reassuring, welcoming.
Also your body can express sweetness: make slow and harmonious movements, make calm movements, make your body express acceptance, availability.

Remember that the expression of sweetness requires total awareness, attention and responsibility because if it is pure, candid, spontaneous: it cures, it nurtures, it reassures and satisfies the heart;
if it is not pure, it is not candid, it is not spontaneous: it hurts, it manipulates, etc.

How to express sweetness in meetings and conversations

- When you talk to someone or listen to someone, stay at the right distance, not to invade his
- use motivating and reassuring words and express yourself with calm and quietness;
- let the tone of your voice be warm;
- use few words, clear, precise and simple;
- make your gaze sweet and gentle, keep your eyes in the eyes of those who are talking to you or are listening to you;
- keep your face clear, the vibrations sweet and with a smile invite others to talk, to share;
- listen with patience and empathy;
- be careful that the expressions of your body invite to share and offer hospitality;
- if you make a request, always explain its motivation with total sweetness;
- when someone asks you something, if you can answer 'yes', add expressions of joyous availability;
- when someone asks you something, if you have to answer 'no', calmly explain the motivation
of your 'no' with clarity and kindness, and offer your help to find other solutions.
Everything can be expressed without creating any difficulty if the expressions enclose sweetness, are wrapped with sweetness, are donated in sweetness.

Keep the sweetness in your heart feeling it as a treasure to give, ask Me every morning to help you express it: your heart will perceive My sweetness and will help you expressing it with everyone, in everything. "

Author: Satya


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Author's Bio: 

Satya is a holistic therapist and counselor who has operated for many years in Italy.
Moreover, Satya is Reiki Master and channeler for more than 22 years and made channeling and Reiki courses in a lot of parts of Italy.
Has accompanied most people in a Path of personal and spiritual growth.
For more than 20 years, is accompanying a group in a Path of growth.
From some years, has chosen to live a simple and retired life in African continent to continue the Journey of Life towards themselves and to prepare themselves for a New.
Satya has chosen the pseudonym so that each can feel her only as a Soul in Walk.
The messages donated by the Angels have changed her life and helped many people.
Furthermore, can accompany in a Path of awareness, growth and evolution.
For this Satya feels as her 'task' to divulge these messages.